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Kerry is a Gigolo who wears Flip Flops

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  • Kerry is a Gigolo who wears Flip Flops

    I'm moving.

    I now live a five minute walk from this minor league ballpark, the home of the New Britain Rock Cats, the AA afiliate of the Minnesota Twins.

    My Torii Hunter bobblehead is going home

    See you all whenever I'm back online at the new place.
    Damn these electric sex pants!

    26+31+34+42+44+46+64+67+82+06 = 10

    Bring back the death penalty for corporations!

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    Good luck.

    Moving sucks.

    I hope you don't get flat on your truck.
    2005 Mandatory Loyalty Oath: I love America, our troops, baseball, Moms, and certain pies. I want no harm to come to any of those institutions, nor do I take any glee in their demise.