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    Hey guys,

    I'm asking the board members for a little help here.

    What I am looking for is "Play books", coaching philosophies, or strategies used by different teams. I was thinking that it would be really cool to get my hands on Herb Brooks' hockey theories.

    I am also looking for skating and shooting technique guides. Anything to get me to further understand the foibles of our beloved game.

    I am going to be starting my masters in Sports management, and want to focus on Ice Hockey, from team management to player management.

    Any input would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks to all who respond!!

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    I know there are tons of training videos available but not sure what they're called. A lot of sporting goods department stores tend to carry them.

    By the way, good to see you over here.


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      Cheers Dev!

      I'm not so much looking for instructional and drill videos as I am looking for game strategies and philosophies. More like playbooks than anything else.


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        There are so many, where to start?

        It really depends on what aspect of hockey you want to focus on TR. And are you really from Toronto because holy shit, I have been there several times on hockey trips and the place is a veritable hockey shrine.

        In any case, heres a link with a few books listed on Amazon:

        The book on Powerskating in written by Laura Stamm and Herb Brooks. Laura Stamm is the unofficial expert on powerskating in hockey circles. (If you can't skate, you can't play).

        USA hockey also offers an assortment of hockey strategy books. You can find them at

        Best of luck.

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          Here's a book you may want to look into:



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            I was always told "Learn to skate first, pick up a stick second" -- just to kind of echo what hky said...

            Best of luck with your master's program! I recommend taking a class in damage control and media spin if you ever aspire to be a GM in St. Louis....

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              What would make you think ANYONE in the STL area knows anything about hockey tactics?

              My sig line is now being used to question Blues management.

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