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    Offensive and defensive backs are plentiful in 2004 draft
    San Diego is T-minus 65 days and counting before it must submit its first choice in the 2004 NFL Draft. Or a piece of paper announcing a trade. Either way, the Chargers are on the board.

    Eli Manning is the consensus No. 1 -- for San Diego or another team in need of a franchise quarterback. With the Raiders at No. 2, receiver Larry Fitzgerald is a no-brainer. Barring a trade by the Chargers, the intrigue begins with the third pick.

    Arizona jettisoned QB Jeff Blake because new Cardinals head coach Dennis Green is telling anyone who will listen that he can develop Josh McCown into a front-line signal-caller.

    Is Denny selling ocean-front property with that?

    Clearly the Cards cannot pass on big-armed Ben Roethlisberger; he has the potential to be what 'Zona believed Neil Lomax, Timm Rosenbach, Kelly Stouffer and Jake Plummer would be: a long-term solution under center.

    The NFL Scouting Combine will undoubtedly enhance some players' stature in the eyes of a few teams, but judging strictly by on-field performance here is one man's opinion of how Round 1 will shake out on April 24:

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    They got us taking a tight end. Hmmm.


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      That is doesn't include Mike Williams.