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    Saw it yesterday. I was shocked. I'd say it's the most amazing commercial I've ever seen.


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      i thought it was pretty cool.
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        dang, first time I have seen/heard about that. That was rather cool
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          Originally posted by chazzz@Feb 26 2004, 09:16 AM
          Saw it yesterday. I was shocked. I'd say it's the most amazing commercial I've ever seen.
          My jaw dropped when I watched it.

          The cool thing is that they don't tell you who the people are. You have to watch and listen.

          The Agassi clip is unreal.

          As is Vick on the ice.


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            I only saw the Lance Armstrong one, it was fantastic.

            I keep laughing at the Pepsi commercial with Jimmy Hendrix too.


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              Randy Johnson bowling? That was rather cool.
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                Originally posted by pgrote@Feb 26 2004, 09:15 AM
                Has everyone seen this thing? It's incredible.

                This is the ad
                Nike has the best TV advertising of any company on earth, I believe.

                Remember the Nike "You can't....." commercial where Lance at the end says, "yeah, but I can ride a bike"

                If anyone has a link to that commercial on the Internet, please, please post it.


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                  Very good commercial. I agree with whoever said that Nike had the best commercials. I miss the Bo Knows commercials.


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                    What a combo by armstrong.

                    Great commercial Grote, thanks.
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                      Great commercial! I saw it at work, and everybody stopped what they were doing and started watching it.
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                        Terry Tate would kick all of their asses

                        Too bad Reebok dropped the ball on it.
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                          I saw it last night. I loved it.

                          I couldn't wait to see who the add was for at the end of the commercial.
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                            When I was watching this yesterday, all I saw was the Lance bit because my wife was in control of the remote. I didn't realise that it was as cool as it is.


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                              Originally posted by BringBackZezel@Feb 26 2004, 10:08 AM
                              Terry Tate would kick all of their asses

                              Too bad Reebok dropped the ball on it.
                              There's the difference between Nike and Reebok (read; old women's shoes):

                              Reebok has actor Terry Tate running around like an ex-athlete.

                              Nike has world class athletes competing in their gear every day.

                              Memo to my friend BBZ: Terry Tate's not real.
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