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A nice article for when Cardinalgirl deems it.....

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  • A nice article for when Cardinalgirl deems it.....

    Edgar is the man.

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    Renteria is the man. :-D

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      It was between him and Tejada in Fantasy Baseball, but I went w/ Tejada...

      Had him last year and did great...

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        Tejada's in a much better hitting park this year than he was last year...good choice.


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          There was a day when I looked through all of the threads and found none that cheered me up. That was the day the Player Celebration Program started.

          I had no trouble deciding who to celebrate first. There are a lot of good things to say about Edgar. He's one of my favorite players on this team.

          He seems quiet to us, but when you watch him, he is always smiling and joking around before games.

          The celebration thing isn't meant to be some intense examination of any one thing, but just a 'hey that guy is cool and here are the reasons I like him on this team' kinda goofy thing. I found it really easy to talk about him.

          Thanks for posting that link, Dev.

          I had Tejada last year on whatever team (had 3 last year...will have one this year). I didn't adore him, but whatever. I'm a homer anyway and that team sucked (except for my pitchers in the K category).
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            Now can they afford to pay him?
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