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How much money are the playoffs worth

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  • How much money are the playoffs worth

    I wonder how the teams compute the value of making the playoffs when they decide what the budget is. Let's say the Cardinals are breaking even financially in late September in a tight race. If they make the first round of the playoffs, how much does that put them in the black, or if they play in the World Series how much? Does making the playoffs do more for individual players or more for owners? Have no idea about the other sports, either. Suspect hockey is loaded in the owners favor.

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    I am not grading anyone for accuracy----I don't have much of a clue myself---except I thought it was terrible that they saved 50,000 dollars by not bringing Jason Ryan up to the Cardinals last September. I'm trying to get an idea about where the incentives are for teams to prolong the season by making the playoffs. (if there are any)