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Danton Case Gets Even Odder

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  • Danton Case Gets Even Odder

    Danton remains in federal custody

    ESPN has learned that Frost, who once pleaded guilty to assaulting a player on a team he was coaching, was investigated three years ago by the Ontario Provincial Police for an alleged incident involving Tom Jefferson. Jefferson is Danton's younger brother and a top prospect himself.

    The alleged incident took place at a residence owned by Frost. Jeff Jefferson, uncle to both Tom Jefferson and Mike Danton, who changed his last name to Danton two years ago, confirmed that the investigation took place.

    No charges stemming from the alleged incidents were ever filed against Frost. Repeated attempts by ESPN to reach Frost for comment were unsuccessful.

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    "alleged incident"

    Please be more vague...


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      alleged thing?


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        Danton came to the Blues in a June trade from the New Jersey Devils, where he had been twice suspended for disciplinary reasons.
        ...and where he had changed his last name.

        Weird. Another great move by the cursed franchise.

        Blues players released a statement Thursday in support of their teammate, saying they wanted to "tell everyone about the player and person we know. The media's portrayal of Mike has not been balanced and has not accurately reflected the character of the person we have spent the past 215-plus days with."
        They may look very stupid for doing this when all is said and done.