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tough day at the office.

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  • tough day at the office.

    From time to time, people express sympathy toward me for having the job I have---I host karaoke. Sometimes there are moral dilemmas. I hate people who try to play bigshot cards. (I'm important---let me sing ahead of all the other less important people. I have to leave soon to go somewhere more important). A few weeks ago, someone offered me 60 dollars to play Nelly's "Shake a Tailfeather". Immediately. I told them it wasn't necessary, that I had it cued up and was going to play it next, anyway. (no second thoughts, I'd do the same thing again). One dollar is too much to ask, 60 is not enough. I can look at it either way. Tonight was a tougher one. Four girls were celebrating one of their birthdays. One girl, who I kind of know, looks a lot like Britney Spears. The blond hair, the contours of the body, etc. She said if I let her friend who had the birthday sing the next song, (Baby Got Back), she would flash her breasts for me. It was very apparent that this was a really good offer. I told her I couldn't explain why, but she did not have to do that. I would let her friend sing next, anyway. I told one of the other girls that I didn't want her to be offended, I just did not want to set a precedent and be bothered by a lot of less perky women trying to make the same deal. She thought that was great, but also thought her friend would be disappointed. So I said I would not have a problem with it after the song was finished if she flashed me voluntarily. Yes! Happier ending than I could have even imagined for my ethical turmoil.

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