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  • Renteria

    What's up with Edgar? He's looked awfully listless and unsure in the last week. Doesn't seem to be in a rythm at all out on the field. I hope it doesn't continue...last nights loss was BAD.
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    Last night sucked, but oh well. The Cards had plenty of opportunities in that game but didn't cash in.

    As for Renteria, that error in the ninth sucked, but I'm not worried. As Hridiculous said after that, he got off to a slow start in the field last year and ended up winning the Gold Glove.
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      He does look skittery.

      If I remember correctly, didn;t he have a flurry of errors at the start of last season also, then went on to win the gold glove.
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        He does this every season. Spends about a week looking like he's got some kind of drug problem, and then shakes it off and plays well again.