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    I receive:
    Eric Gagne

    I give:
    Mike Lowell

    I have Miguel Cabrera to play third and my other RPs are Isringhausen and Nathan. What should I do?
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    I'd counteroffer and offer up Lowell and Nathan for Gagne and a decent bat. Lowell will play every day and offer up power numbers. Gagne, however, is the best closer in the game.
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      You absolutely do it. Cabrera will be solid. Gagne is one of the top 5 Fantasy players. Gives you Ks, ERA, SVs.
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        i'd do it. you have someone to take lowell's place, and you'd take over the saves category, while giving you at least 1 K every time out, and a sub 1.00 ERA.
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          Make that trade...NOW!
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            With that SN you know baseball well enough to decide on your own. It depends how your point system goes really. In my league the points for pitching are nothing compared to hitting so it actually wouldnt help me, but if you have equalized points then yes do it