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    So I was surprised at hearing Pronger describe what the Blues do between periods. This might be normal, but essentially they go in, relax, and then some of them maybe watch tape - on their own. That was Pronger's response a few years back when answering a question about in-game adjustments and what you do during your break.

    I was surprised. I mean, isn't there some coaching required?

    Then I see this today in the P-D in discussion of a post-game speech made by Q:

    Chris Pronger, who said he can count on one hand the times Quenneville has given a post-game speech, said ... blah blah blah

    So is the norm for the NHL? Run practices and then essentially, just let the team play because they are all "professionals" ? Or is this the Joel Q style?
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    I might certainly explain why this team has had no motivation....
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