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  • Archie Manning - STFU


    Just broke through the wire that Archie wants Eli to play for NY, and told the Chargers he'd rather they didnt draft his son, as he sees NY to be a better fit for him.

    I guess he wants maximum exposure for his son?

    What else could it be?

    Maybe he thinks Drew Brees is too young to have Eli as backup?

    Either way, archie needs to shut it
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    parents butting in to their kids careers has always been a good idea, i mean look how well it turned out for lindros.


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      My guess is that Archie feels the Giants have a better chance at success than San Diego.
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        Tell Archie if he can arrange for New York to give up the asking price for the trade down - it is a done deal.
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          no shit. If my kid is a QB, I DO NOT want him playing for Marty S.
          Are you on the list?