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Martz leaves wiggle room on Kurt

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  • Martz leaves wiggle room on Kurt

    Post subject: Martz leaves wiggle room on Kurt


    At today's pre-draft news conference, Mike Martz went out of his way to emphasize that no firm decision has been made to let Kurt Warner go on June 1. Martz explained that he spoke to Kurt to let him know that Bulger would be the starter this year, and discussed what it meant for Warner.

    "I was going to help him map out what his future is," Martz said. "We discussed all the possibilities and that (a release) is one of them."

    Martz said Warner's agent, Mark Bartlestein was "overzealous" in telling the media that Warner would be released.

    "But it was my fault," Martz said. "In my discussion with Kurt the way I explained it to him. This (a release) is just an option. To say that it's a certainty would not be appropriate. In my discussions with Kurt I got carried away and I did not do a very good job of conveying to him that it (a release) is a possibility."

    Martz also said he has a good relationship with Warner and that he still feels warmly about him on a personal level. "People have a misunderstanding about our relationship," MM said. "It's never changed. People want to make this into a situation where there's something (bad) between Kurt and I and that's not the case."

    Martz said that he gets sentimental sometimes, thinking about Kurt and the glory years. "When I'm talking to him, things flash in my mind," he said. "All the games, what he's done, the impact he's had on this team."

    Martz said some other things which I will have in my Thursday column.


    To cut to the bottom line:

    Nothing, really, has changed. Martz backed off because they are trying to negotiate a deal with Bulger. And if you tell the world that Warner will be cut June 1, then the Rams have less leverage with Bulger. Pretty simple. Martz is finessing this, but still intends to release Warner -- if Bulger won't sign, then they may revisit the idea of bringing Warner back.


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    Yeah we had that this morning.

    Now we're scooping Bernie.



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