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  • Official NFL Draft Thread

    With the NFL draft fast approaching (Saturday) its only fair that the psuedo GM's on the board give us their take on who the Rams should or will pick. I'll take my shot first:

    Rams should take: Will Smith DE Ohio State
    Rams will take: Jason Babin DE Western Michigan or J.P. Losman QB Tulane.

    IMHO Smith is a better DE and Babin plays for a small time program, but Martz loves speed and Babin is a 260 pound burner on the end. Don't rule out Losman. Rams almost certainly will take a QB this draft and its reported that Armey and Martz love this "future Favre".

    Would also agree with a pick at secondary such as Matt Ware S/CB UCLA, Shawntae Spencer CB Pittsburgh or Ahmad Carroll CB Arkansas. Hope they wait on wide receiver since this draft is deep on that position.

    Wish we had a 2nd. Nice depth through 3 on this draft.
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    There, that about covers what I will be saying on Draft day. No need for me to even come back to this thread.

    Have a good draft day, fellas.
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      Originally posted by JackSparrow@Apr 21 2004, 10:09 AM








      There, that about covers what I will be saying on Draft day. No need for me to even come back to this thread.

      Have a good draft day, fellas.
      Missing those good old days when George Boone was pulling the trigger don't you Jack?
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        Too long, too drawn out, too boring.

        Chris Berman sucks.
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          Seriously, will ----Will Smith be there when we go?

          He dominated games in NCAA. Dont know if he can in the NFL. That man can take over a football game.
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            Originally posted by hkyfan@Apr 21 2004, 10:07 AM
            Hope they wait on running back since this draft is deep on that position.
            I don't know that any RBs in this draft would merit a pick as high as the Rams' first-rounder...


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              Originally posted by backstop+Apr 21 2004, 11:12 AM-->
              QUOTE (backstop @ Apr 21 2004, 11:12 AM)

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              Originally posted by backstop+Apr 21 2004, 10:12 AM-->
              QUOTE (backstop @ Apr 21 2004, 10:12 AM)

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              Wish we could get Hall from Va Tech.

              He is a top ten, but I like his style of D - not to mention his special teams.

              Way out of our hopes.
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                Latest mock draft, from ESPN Insider (b/c someone will ask)

                First Round

                1. San Diego Chargers

                Eli Manning | QB | Ole Miss
                From what we have heard most recently, interest in the Chargers' top overall pick has died down considerably. For starters, with three legitimate top-15 quarterback prospects in this class, teams simply aren't willing to give up a lot in order to get Manning when they can simply keep their picks and draft a similar talent (such as Ben Roethlisberger or Philip Rivers). Furthermore, from what we've been told by teams that were originally interested, the Chargers' asking price has been entirely too high. With all that said, it's starting to become apparent that the Chargers will use this pick to draft their franchise quarterback in Manning.

                2. Oakland Raiders
                Roy Williams | WR | Texas
                The Raiders are torn right now between keeping this pick and trading it to the highest bidder, which could be the Browns trading up for Iowa tackle Robert Gallery. While most teams have Pittsburgh's Larry Fitzgerald rated ahead of Roy Williams, we're told the Raiders have them in reverse order because of speed. While trading down with the Browns could work out perfectly for the Raiders if they were to acquire an extra pick and still get Williams, we're not sure owner Al Davis will be willing to take the risk, with the possibility of the Falcons and Jaguars leaping ahead at the last minute. If Davis likes Williams as much as we hear, it won't be a reach to take him with the No. 2 pick in the team's mind.

                3. Arizona Cardinals
                Larry Fitzgerald* | WR | Pittsburgh

                After Fitzgerald ran a 4.47 at 221 pounds during his Pro Day, the Cardinals have to be crossing their fingers he gets past the first two picks. However, if the Raiders keep their pick and draft Fitzgerald, the Cardinals will either keep their pick and draft Miami DS Sean Taylor or they will trade back to the highest bidder. They likely would get an offer from the Browns, who might seek to trade up in order to get Gallery. The Cardinals are not sold on Roy Williams. Coach Dennis Green thinks enough of quarterback Josh McCown's physical tools and thinks he can be a solid NFL starter if surrounded by the right talent, which is why the team won't use this pick on Roethlisberger.

                4. New York Giants

                Robert Gallery | OT | Iowa
                The Giants' would prefer to trade up to the No. 1 spot and draft Manning, but from what we are hearing, the Chargers' asking price is too high, and the Giants simply have too many needs to give away the number of picks the Chargers would require. Assuming the Giants can't get a deal done with the Chargers, their next goal would be to draft Gallery. The problem, however, is that the Raiders would consider taking Gallery and they are also fielding calls from the Browns, who are looking to move up for Gallery. The Giants will either make a draft-day trade with the Raiders in order to get Gallery or will simply keep their fourth overall pick and hope Gallery falls. If he does, it's a no-brainer. If not, the Giants will likely draft Roethlisberger with this pick.

                5. Washington Redskins
                Kellen Winslow Jr.* | TE | Miami (Fla.)

                The Redskins also could trade down in order to regain some of the picks they lost, but with three blue-chip prospects -- Winslow, Sean Taylor and DT Tommie Harris -- available at positions of need, we predict they'll stay put and draft the one they believe can make the biggest impact. We get the strong impression the Redskins are struggling with the decision. Taylor is rated ahead of Winslow, but Winslow would be a perfect fit as the H-back in Joe Gibbs' offense. The team has reservations about drafting Winslow because his agent, Carl Poston, is currently giving the organization a lot of trouble with LB LaVar Arrington's contract. If they go with Taylor, it could mean that the team was unable to agree in principle to a deal with Winslow and his agent during their 15 minutes on the clock.

                6. Detroit Lions
                Sean Taylor* | S | Miami (Fla.)
                RB Steven Jackson is not out of the realm of possibility, but it would be a reach. The Lions could try to trade down a few spots, but if they stay at No. 6 and if Winslow or Taylor are available, they will be satisfied with either. Taylor has the size of an outside linebacker and the coverage skills of a cornerback. He is exactly what an NFL team looks for in terms of versatility, and he could have the biggest impact of any rookie in the 2004 NFL season.

                7. Cleveland Browns
                DeAngelo Hall* | CB | Virginia Tech
                The Browns' biggest need lies on the offensive line; so don't be surprised if they trade up to secure Gallery. They are heavily targeting the Raiders at No. 2, and they consider the Cardinals a backup plan if the Raiders draft Fitzgerald ahead of Arizona. The Browns' other two big needs are safety and tight end, so if they can't get Gallery and either Taylor or Winslow Jr. to fall to seventh, they would be elated. Finally, if they can't trade up and if all three of the aforementioned prospects are off the board, the Browns will draft Hall. He not only is the best cornerback in this year's class, but he also would upgrade the team's return game. Hall could start immediately at cornerback, which would allow the diminutive Daylon McCutcheon to finally move inside.

                8. Atlanta Falcons
                Kenechi Udeze *| DE | USC
                The Falcons might have been most affected by Monday's federal appeals court ruling that blocked USC receiver Mike Williams' entry into the upcoming draft. Tommie Harris is another strong possibility, but the Falcons have a bigger need at defensive end and Udeze is a good value. Udeze doesn't have elite speed off the edge, but he has terrific bulk, quickness, instincts and playmaking skills. As a rookie, he could play in a heavy rotation with aging DE Brady Smith, and Udeze should eventually develop into an upper-echelon starter in the NFL.

                9. Jacksonville Jaguars
                Will Smith | DE | Ohio State
                With four of the top 72 picks, the Jaguars have the ammunition and are rumored to be interested in trading up to the Raiders' spot at No. 2 in order to draft Fitzgerald. If they can't get that deal done, the Jaguars will keep their original pick and draft the best receiver or defensive end available. From what we understand, their value board is as follows: Roy Williams, Udeze and Will Smith. If Roy Williams fell, the Jaguars would get an elite receiver prospect and would still have three Day 1 picks remaining. However, now that Mike Williams is out of the draft, Roy is not likely to slip to them. The Jaguars would prefer Udeze over Smith, but if Udeze is also gone, Smith is a solid value and fits their need to upgrade the defensive end position. Smith is not a big playmaker and lacks Udeze's size, but would be a good fit in Jack Del Rio's defense. He is a very good athlete and is actually faster off the edge than Udeze.

                10. Houston Texans
                Vince Wilfork* | DT | Miami (Fla.)
                The Texans addressed their need at defensive end by re-signing Gary Walker and adding Robaire Smith via free agency. However, Seth Payne has undergone three surgeries to repair the torn ACL that caused him to miss most of '03, which is why the Texans would have to think long and hard about Wilfork with this pick. South Carolina CB Dunta Robinson would be the other strong possibility, but Wilfork is rated higher and he's the perfect fit as a nose tackle in the Texans' 3-4 scheme. The only concern with Wilfork is his weight, but he kept it down during his senior season and played with a much better motor. He also is in the best shape of his life.

                11. Pittsburgh Steelers
                Ben Roethlisberger* | QB | Miami-Ohio
                The team's most pressing needs are cornerback, quarterback and offensive tackle. While Robinson would be tempting, Pittsburgh knows this could be its best opportunity to draft a future franchise QB. From everything we've been told, the Steelers will draft Roethlisberger or Rivers if available. While there are rumors they could take Rivers over Roethlisberger, we still think Roethlisberger is the higher rated of the two. His "floor" may be lower than Rivers, but Roethlisberger's ceiling is much higher. With veteran Tommy Maddox already in place as next year's starter, the Steelers can afford to wait one year while Roethlisberger adjusts to life in the NFL after a college career in the Mid-American Conference.

                12. New York Jets
                Dunta Robinson | CB | South Carolina
                The Jets, who have traded up in the first round of two of their last three drafts under GM Terry Bradway, are seriously contemplating trading down. They would like to recoup the second-round pick they gave away for WR Justin McCareins. If they keep this pick, however, the Jets are in great position to draft a highly rated player at their biggest positions of need, including Robinson at cornerback, D.J. Williams at linebacker or Reggie Williams at wide receiver. Of those three, Robinson is the highest-rated prospect, and after Antoine Winfield turned them down in free agency, the Jets seem to be most inclined to draft a cornerback. The Jets are looking to play more man-to-man coverage next season, and Robinson is the perfect fit because of his speed, playmaking skills and confidence.

                13. Buffalo Bills
                Philip Rivers | QB | North Carolina State

                Rivers' draft status has skyrocketed, but if he falls to the Bills at pick No. 13, it would be hard to imagine them passing on him. With a strong showing at the Senior Bowl and at his individual workout, which capped a brilliant four-year college career, Rivers has overcome concerns about his funky throwing motion and has won over the hearts of several NFL GMs and coaches. The gap between Rivers, Manning and Roethlisberger seemingly shrinks every day. If none of the aforementioned quarterbacks is available here, the Bills could also go with a defensive end (Smith, if he falls) or a receiver such as Reggie Williams.

                14. Chicago Bears
                Tommie Harris* | DT | Oklahoma
                After addressing needs at running back (Thomas Jones) and offensive tackle (John Tait) via free agency, the Bears would like to draft a defensive lineman with this pick. The Bears were indirectly affected by Mike Williams being taken out of the draft pool -- Williams was supposed to go to a team such as the Falcons or Jaguars, but those clubs could now steal a defensive lineman from the Bears. Harris' stock is evidently on the decline due to concerns about his lack of size and his inconsistent play the last two seasons. However, if he's available at No. 14, he will likely have a home. The Bears are looking to shift from a two-gap to a one-gap scheme defensively and Harris would be the ideal fit.

                15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
                D.J. Willliams | OLB | Miami (Fla.)
                Trading down makes the most sense for the Buccaneers, but when the Patriots elected to trade for RB Corey Dillon, it significantly decreased the Bucs' leverage. Tampa Bay is already without a second-round pick. From what we hear, coach John Gruden is really pushing for a wide receiver in the first round, but with so many mid-to-late first-round receiver prospects available, GM Bruce Allen's best bet would be to move down, recoup that missing second-rounder and still get Gruden a receiver by trading down. If the Bucs get stuck picking at No. 15, they would have a difficult decision to make between Jackson, WR Reggie Williams and D.J. Williams. While Gruden may be pushing for a receiver, outside linebacker is a more pressing need after the team spent most of its free agency money on offense. Williams would be a good value here. He would take over for Ryan Nece at the outside linebacker spot opposite Derrick Brooks and he eventually could become Brooks' replacement as the team's versatile "Will" linebacker.

                16. San Francisco 49ers
                Reggie Williams* | WR | Washington
                For starters, there are strong rumors that the Eagles will package OG John Welbourn, a Day 1 pick and the 28th overall pick in order to move up into the 49ers' spot at 16. If that's the case, the 49ers would not only address their need at guard and pick up an extra pick, but they could also still get a top receiver such as Wisconsin's Lee Evans or LSU's Michael Clayton. However, if the 49ers stay here, Reggie Williams is a great value and he makes the most sense. After losing Terrell Owens, and with Tai Streets possibly ready to exit via free agency, the 49ers will definitely have their eyes on the wide receiver position with this pick. After Fitzgerald and Roy Williams, Reggie is the next-best talent at the position. He lacks elite speed, but he is big, strong and polished, and he shows the potential to eventually develop into a No. 1 starter in the NFL.

                17. Denver Broncos
                Steven Jackson* | RB | Oregon State
                The Broncos traded with the Bengals for this pick and we wouldn't be surprised if they kept on moving up. With two second-round picks, the Broncos are now in position to make a second move up to get the guy they want several picks higher. The most obvious choice is Jackson, who could quickly help the team forget about the loss of RB Clinton Portis (Redskins). However, with the Patriots trading for Dillon, the Broncos may be less inclined to give away picks for Jackson and could simply wait things out. If Jackson falls here, he would be extremely difficult to bypass. The team obviously has enough bodies at the position with Garrison Hearst, Mike Anderson and Quentin Griffin, but Hearst could serve as a one-year insurance policy, Anderson could move back to running back full-time and Griffin could fill the role as a young third-down type who could become Jackson's backup in '05 (when Hearst is gone). Finally, if Jackson is gone when the Broncos select at 17, the most logical choice would be to draft the top outside linebacker. If the team stands pat and does not re-sign Ian Gold to a long-term contract, outside linebacker will become a pressing need, especially considering the fact that John Mobley is coming off a serious injury. The Broncos rely on speed and athleticism at the linebacker position, and that's exactly what guys like D.J. Williams and Jonathan Vilma would provide if available.

                18. New Orleans Saints

                Chris Gamble* | CB | Ohio State
                Despite adding Jason Craft via a trade for their fifth-round pick, the Saints are still desperate for a youth influx at cornerback. There's an outside chance that, with two picks in the second round, the Saints could package picks to move up for one of the top two cornerbacks in this year's class. However, now that they've stabilized the position with the addition of Craft, they are less likely to do so. Vilma would also be a possibility with this pick, but we get the feeling that the Saints will look to address their secondary before they focus on their defensive front with their two second-round picks. Gamble's stock has slipped some following an inconsistent junior season and a disappointing 40-time (in the 4.5s at two separate on-campus workouts). There are also some character concerns, which could cause the Saints to pass on him. However, he is still a terrific athlete with a lot of potential, and he certainly would be a good value this late in the first round.

                19. Minnesota Vikings
                Jonathan Vilma | ILB | Miami-Fla.
                The Vikings addressed their need at cornerback in free agency with Antoine Winfield. With Kevin Williams, last year's top pick, moving inside to tackle, the Vikings still are in search of a full-time starter at end. If Smith or Udeze fell to this pick, the Vikings would be elated. But the more likely scenario would include the Vikings drafting a linebacker and then addressing their need at defensive end in the second round, where there are more players at that position that fit the value. Vilma could slip on draft day due to his below-average size and some durability (knee) concerns, but on film he's the best linebacker in this class. His best fit in the NFL may be on the outside, where the Vikings would likely play him after moving Nick Rogers, the team's best pass rusher, from outside linebacker to end.

                20. Miami Dolphins
                Shawn Andrews* | OT | Arkansas
                By trading for A.J. Feeley and David Boston, the Dolphins can now address their most glaring need with this pick: offensive line. If Andrews slips to 20, which he could because of character and weight concerns, the Dolphins would almost have to take a chance on him.

                21. New England Patriots (from Baltimore)
                Michael Clayton*| WR | LSU

                Rather than packaging their two first-round picks for Jackson, the Patriots made another brilliant move by giving the Bengals one of their two picks in the second round for veteran running back in Corey Dillon. With that need taken care of, the Patriots now have a lot of options with their two first-round picks. If a linebacker such as Vilma fell to them here, they would probably pull the trigger. If not, Clayton is a strong possibility. Wisconsin's Evans is rated higher on many boards, but the Patriots are looking to improve their size and Evans' durability concerns could turn them off. Coach Bill Belichick and offensive coordinator Charlie Weiss covet intelligent players, and Clayton is one of the smartest, most versatile receivers to come out of the college level in the last few years. His head coach at LSU, Nick Saban, also has a relationship with Belichick dating back to their days with the Browns. Clayton is a big, polished receiver with adequate speed, good playmaking skills and terrific overall intangibles. He would really help to complement smaller receivers such as Troy Brown and Deion Branch.

                22. Dallas Cowboys

                Kevin Jones* | RB | Virginia Tech
                The Cowboys are rumored to be interested in trading up for Jackson, but with pressing needs at cornerback and along the offensive line, coach Bill Parcells is not likely to mortgage the rest of this draft -- or future drafts -- to get Jackson. The Cowboys are most likely to keep their 22nd pick overall and evaluate the top players at their three top positions of need -- RB, DC, and OG. Jones, despite running a couple of pedestrian 40 times at his recent Pro Day, is still the second-best running back in this class and we've been told that Parcells is extremely high on him, and feels he's worth drafting at this spot.

                23. Seattle Seahawks
                Randy Starks* | DT | Maryland
                Starks is one of the players on the decline, but in our opinion, he is still worth a late-first round pick. The Seahawks have a desperate need at defensive tackle. Starks' play was inconsistent last season, which is why his stock has slipped a bit, but he has very good athleticism for a 300-pound defensive tackle, and his value is sure to increase the closer we get to draft day. If Starks is gone by the time Seattle picks, however, the Seahawks could look for a new middle linebacker. They'd love it if Miami's Jonathan Vilma was still available, but they could consider Georgia Tech's Daryl Smith.

                24. Cincinnati Bengals
                Will Poole | CB | USC
                The Bengals moved back from 17 to 24 in exchange for veteran cornerback Deltha O'Neal and a fourth-round pick (117) from the Broncos. The thinking: They could get a similar value with the 24th pick as they could the 17th, so why not get the compensation prior to the draft? The Bengals would like Starks to fall to them, which is a strong possibility. If not, they'll have a difficult decision to make, with no true first-round talents left at defensive tackle or cornerback. While the team added O'Neal in its trade with the Broncos, there is absolutely no assurance that O'Neal will bounce back as a starter, even with a change of scenery. Furthermore, the Bengals were counting on Dennis Weathersby to contribute in their nickel package, but Weathersby suffered yet another setback with a recent car accident. Make no mistake, Poole has slipped and could fall out of the first round, but by improving his 40-time at his most recent timing day, teams will be much more inclined to take a chance on him late in the first. Other possibilities for the Bengals with this pick include Texas DT Marcus Tubbs, Arkansas CB Ahmad Carroll and Virginia Tech C Jake Grove.

                25. Green Bay Packers
                Ben Troupe | TE | Florida
                The Packers' biggest need is clearly at defensive end, but once USC's Udeze and Ohio State's Smith come off the board, there is not another legitimate first-round end left. One option would be to reach for an end, such as Alabama's Antwan Odom, Western Michigan's Jason Babin or LSU's Marquise Hill -- but we just can't see the Packers doing that. WR Robert Ferguson and TE Bubba Franks are both free agents following the 2004 season, so it wouldn't be a shock if the Packers went for a more valuable player at one of those two positions rather than reaching for a DE. The team uses a lot of two- and three-tight end sets, which is why Troupe makes an awful lot of sense. Troupe emerged as the nation's top senior tight end after splitting time with Aaron Walker (49ers) the past two seasons. He still has room to bulk up and get stronger, but his athleticism, speed and pass-catching ability should allow him to make an immediate impact in the NFL. He could serve as the No. 2 tight end behind Franks as a rookie and could provide Brett Favre with a valuable vertical presence in the middle of the field. Furthermore, he provides the team the option of letting Franks go after somewhat of a disappointing tenure for a first-round pick.

                26. St. Louis Rams
                Jason Babin | DE | Western Michigan
                The Rams could have an extremely difficult decision -- reach for need, or draft for luxury? After letting Grant Wistrom go via free agency, addressing the defensive end position has become the top priority. Babin is not a first-round prospect, but he reminds us a lot of Wistrom and his athleticism and upfield playmaking ability really fit the Rams' model for the position.

                27. Tennessee Titans
                Marcus Tubbs | DT | Texas
                With Robaire Smith and Jevon Kearse departing via free agency, the Titans are in desperate need of defensive line help and are likely to draft best available with this pick. Tubbs is a bit of a reach because of his inconsistency and weight concerns, but he is loaded with talent and the Titans are in a position to take a chance. The bottom line is that Tubbs is a much better value early in the second round, but that could be said for just about every player that will be drafted from this point until the final pick of the first round.

                28. Philadelphia Eagles

                Ahmad Carroll* | CB | Arkansas
                After addressing their two most pressing needs with the additions of DE Jevon Kearse and WR Terrell Owens, the Eagles don't have to reach for need with this pick. The Eagles are rumored to have a trade in the works with the 49ers, contingent upon Jackson being available at the 16th pick. If that's the case, the team would give up this pick, a later pick, and Welbourn in order to move up. If they don't get a deal done to take Jackson, they likely will look to draft the best available player at the following positions: cornerback, interior offensive line, outside linebacker and defensive tackle. They certainly would consider Dansby with this pick, but cornerback has become a much bigger need with Bobby Taylor (Seahawks) and Troy Vincent (Bills) leaving town, and Carroll is a player on the rise. Not only does he have a lot of upside because of his speed, but Carroll fits their philosophy well as a tough, aggressive cornerback that can turn and run in coordinator Jim Johnson's aggressive man-to-man scheme.

                29. Indianapolis Colts
                Karlos Dansby | OLB | Auburn
                Defense is the priority for the Colts, not only in the first round, but probably throughout most of draft weekend. The team lost three starters from last year's unit, including SLB Marcus Washington and CBs Walt Harris and David Macklin. It also lost "wave" DL Chad Bratzke. Considering the loss of Washington and Mike Peterson (Jaguars) the last two years, outside linebacker is clearly the most pressing need. Cornerback is next on the list. Since there are several CBs who are better values in the second round of this year's draft, the Colts could target an outside linebacker with this pick. If Dansby fell to them, he would be a no-brainer. He still has room to improve in terms of technique and recognition skills, but his type of athleticism and speed would be perfect in Tony Dungy's aggressive scheme.

                30. Kansas City Chiefs
                Lee Evans | WR | Wisconsin
                Wide receiver and defensive tackle should be the positions that the Chiefs target with their first two picks (30 and 61). Evans is the player they covet most. He does have some durability concerns that could cause him to fall this late into the first round, but after putting on a show at the combine, Evans' stock continues to rise. He has terrific speed, elite playmaking skills and possibly the strongest hands of any receiver in this year's class. He would give coach Dick Vermeil and coordinator Al Saunders another Torry Holt-type receiver. If Evans and Clayton are gone, the team would probably draft a defensive tackle with this pick and then address receiver in the second round.

                31. Carolina Panthers
                Michael Jenkins | WR | Ohio State
                The Panthers' top four needs are apparent: cornerback, offensive guard, safety and wide receiver, not necessarily in that order. Jenkins would be the ideal upgrade over Muhsin Muhammad and would help to take some of the attention away from Steve Smith.

                32. New England Patriots
                Vernon Carey | OG | Miami-Fla.
                After picking up Dillon and addressing their need for a big wide receiver with Clayton at pick No. 21, upgrading their offensive line here would be a good move for the team. Carey is the best value for the Patriots because of his versatility. He has the ability to push for a starting job immediately at guard and eventually could develop into a starting right tackle in the NFL.

                Second Round

                33. Arizona Cardinals
                Darnell Dockett | DT | Florida State
                After adding Fitzgerald in the first round, improving the interior of their defensive line will become the next priority. Dockett could fall due to character issues, but his dominating performance at the Senior Bowl -- coupled with the fact that he's the ideal one-gap penetrating type to play the role of "under" tackle in the Cardinals' new scheme -- could lead to the team taking a chance on him here.

                34. N.Y. Giants
                Daryl Smith | ILB | Georgia Tech
                After drafting Gallery in the first round, the common thought would be for the Giants to draft Tulane QB J.P. Losman with this pick. But we've been told that Losman's inconsistent play and concerns about his leadership would lead the Giants to bypass him. Smith was a tremendously productive college player with great experience. He continues to add weight and still remains one of the quicker linebackers in this class. He'd most likely beat out Nick Greisen for the starting middle linebacker spot as a rookie.

                35. San Diego Chargers

                Rashaun Woods | WR | Oklahoma State
                If the Chargers draft Manning with the first pick, the next objective is to get him some weapons. After Woods ran in the high 4.4s at his individual workout, the Chargers would be elated if he fell to them with the 35th overall selection.

                36. Detroit Lions
                Chris Perry | RB | Michigan
                This would really be a no-brainer if the Lions went in a different direction than running back in the first round. Perry lacks explosive speed, but he is a tough interior runner who also catches the football very well. He would be an immediate upgrade at the position for the Lions.

                37. Cleveland Browns
                Jacob Rogers | OT | USC
                Offensive tackle is actually the Browns' No. 1 need, but it will take until the second round to find the right value (assuming they can't get a deal done to move up for Gallery in the first round). Rogers isn't an elite prospect and he could slip on draft day due to some minor durability concerns, but he has the all-around tools to develop into a starting left tackle in the NFL.

                38. Atlanta Falcons
                Devery Henderson | WR | LSU
                If the Falcons elect to go defense with their first pick, drafting a complement for Peerless Price and a weapon for Michael Vick will become a priority in Round 2. Henderson is still a work in progress, but he possesses the speed the Falcons are looking for at WR and he also can help contribute in the return game.

                39. Jacksonville Jaguars
                Keary Colbert | WR | USC
                After addressing their DE need with Smith in the first round, the Jaguars need to use this pick to get younger and faster at the receiver position. Colbert is one of the fastest risers in his class after consistently running in the 4.4s at his Pro Day. Overshadowed by Mike Williams at USC, Colbert is a quick, fast, consistent and sure-handed receiver with the potential to develop into a Keenan McCardell-type in the NFL.

                40. Houston Texans
                Ricardo Colclough | CB | Tusculum
                After solving their problem at nose tackle with Wilfork, the Texans must address their secondary with this pick. Colclough answered questions about his speed when he ran a 4.49 in the 40. He is raw coming out of the DII level, but he has the cover skills to contribute as at least a sub-package cornerback as a rookie. He eventually should develop into a starter in the NFL, which would allow Marcus Coleman to finish his career at safety. Furthermore, Colclough would help to upgrade the Texans return game.

                41. Denver Broncos (from Washington)
                Michael Boulware | OLB | Florida State
                If the Broncos go in a different direction in the first round, they will need to address the issue at outside linebacker in the second. Ian Gold probably will not re-sign with the team, and there is no guarantee that John Mobley will bounce back fully from last year's neck injury. Boulware, who is a perfect fit as an undersized and athletic player, would push for the Broncos' starting "weakside" linebacker job immediately.

                42. Tennessee Titans (from NY Jets)
                Jake Grove | OC | Virginia Tech
                Grove is a solid second-round prospect who could slip on draft day due to his lack of great size and workout numbers, as well as with the position he plays. He does, however, have the physical tools, toughness, work ethic and intelligence to quickly develop into a starting center in the NFL, and he would be an upgrade over Justin Hartwig at the position for the Titans.

                43. Buffalo Bills
                Ben Watson | TE | Georgia
                Not only is Watson a good value because of his speed and potential, there are no impact players after him at the position. The Bills did nothing to upgrade the position in the offseason, which leads us to believe that they think they can get an impact player on Day 1 of the draft. Watson is rough around the edges, but he is the fastest tight end in this year's class.

                44. Pittsburgh Steelers
                Joey Thomas | DC | Montana State
                If the Steelers take QB Rivers with their first-round pick, they need to draft a potential starting cornerback in the second round. Thomas is a solid value and the Steelers would likely select him over other players rated near him, such as UCLA's Matt Ware and Oklahoma's Derrick Strait. Thomas has the best speed of the group and, though a bit raw, has the smooth hips and acceleration to turn and run.

                45. Oakland Raiders (from Tampa Bay)
                J.P. Losman | QB | Tulane
                The Raiders desperately need a youth influx at the safety and wide receiver. However, with Rich Gannon on his last leg and Marques Tuiasosopo failing to stay healthy last season, they could very easily take advantage of Losman falling this late into the second round.

                46. San Francisco 49ers
                Donnell Washington* | DT | Clemson
                If the 49ers go with a receiver in the first round, they would want to use their second-round pick on a defensive tackle. Washington is one of the biggest "boom or bust" prospects in this year's draft, but his physical tools are rare, and if he builds on his last season at Clemson, he could be an impact player right away in the NFL. Washington has the size to upgrade the 49ers' run defense and, as a rookie, he could play in a rotation with Bryant Young and Anthony Adams.

                47. Chicago Bears
                Marquise Hill* | DE | LSU
                The Bears would like to draft a receiver here, but they'd be reaching. Instead, they could draft another defensive player with a much better value and then take advantage of a strong receiving class by drafting a wideout in the third round. Hill doesn't have the speed to provide the pass-rushing production the Bears are missing, but he has the size and strength to upgrade their run defense. He also could help keep guys like Alex Brown and Joe Tafoya stay fresh, which in turn should lead to more pressure from those types of situational rushers.

                48. New Orleans Saints
                Teddy Lehman, OLB, Oklahoma
                The Saints are looking to improve the speed and athleticism of their linebacking corps, and Lehman will bring them toughness and a mean streak to go along with that speed.

                49. Cincinnati Bengals

                Greg Jones | RB | Florida State
                After dealing Dillon to the Patriots, the Bengals are left with Rudi Johnson, who will be a free agent at the end of next season, as their starter. Jones has a terrific combination of quickness, vision and size as a back, and he is the type of north-south runner that fits well in the Bengals' offensive scheme.

                50. Minnesota Vikings
                Antwan Odom* | DE | Alabama
                If the Vikings wind up drafting a linebacker with their first pick, there's a good chance their second pick will be a defensive end. Odom is a work in progress, but his potential is outstanding. He might not be ready to play an every-down role as a rookie, but he is ready to contribute as a situational pass rusher, which would be a big help for the Vikings.

                51. Baltimore Ravens
                P.K. Sam* | WR | Florida State
                After losing out on Terrell Owens, the Ravens are back to the drawing board at wide receiver. The last-minute decision to not allow Mike Williams into the draft really hurt the Ravens, as it took away some strength at their biggest position of need. They can still get a quality receiver with this pick. Sam was a productive player for the Seminoles last season, but he just doesn't have great experience. However, they will take their chances on a 6-3 receiver who had a 40-time of 4.4.

                52. Dallas Cowboys
                Shawntae Spencer | DC | Pittsburgh
                After cutting Derek Ross last season and letting Mario Edwards go in the offseason, cornerback has become a much bigger priority for the Cowboys than expected. Spencer has moved rapidly up the draft board following his impressive workout. His impressive size/speed combination makes him an ideal fit in the Cowboys aggressive bump-and-run scheme.

                53. Seattle Seahawks
                Dontarrious Thomas | ILB | Auburn
                Thomas had a somewhat disappointing senior season, but he still has a terrific combination of size and speed, which might make him worth the risk. The Seahawks' desperately need an upgrade at middle linebacker.

                54. Denver Broncos
                Travis LaBoy | DE | Hawaii
                After addressing their needs at running back and outside linebacker, this would be a good time to draft the best available defensive lineman. LaBoy would have time to develop as a situational player in his rookie season and could really help to fill the void that Bertrand Berry created when he departed via free agency.

                55. Green Bay Packers
                Darrion Scott | DE | Ohio State
                If the Packers stray from there needs and draft a receiver or tight end in the first round, they'll likely be looking to draft the best available defensive end in the second. Scott is not only a good value here, but he would fit perfectly as a "power" end opposite Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila

                56. Cincinnati Bengals (from New England, from Miami)
                Dwan Edwards | DT | Oregon State
                The Bengals will use the pick they acquired from New England for Dillon in order to upgrade their defensive tackle position. If Edwards is available, he would be a great value. He is an experienced, consistent and technically sound player, who can contribute in a "wave" with Tony Williams and John Thornton as a rookie.

                57. Tennessee Titans
                Travis LaBoy | DE | Hawaii Still looking to replace DE Kearse, the Titans certainly could use LaBoy's speed and pass rushing skills. With Kevin Carter and Carlos Hall already in house, LaBoy would have time to develop as a situational player in his rookie season.

                58. Philadelphia Eagles
                Justin Smiley *| OG | Alabama
                Smiley is the second-highest rated offensive guard in this year's class and his stock has really risen after impressive post-season workouts. If the team does in fact deal Welbourn to the 49ers as part of a first-round trade, guard will become an even bigger need.

                59. Indianapolis Colts
                Derrick Strait | DC | Oklahoma
                After the Colts address their need for a linebacker in the first round, they will be looking to add a cornerback in the second. Strait will drop on draft day because of his pedestrian 40 time, but he is a tough, instinctive corner who could turn out to be a second-round steal, especially for a team like the Colts that play a lot of cover 2.

                60. New Orleans Saints (from St. Louis)
                Sean Jones* | FS | Georgia
                The Saints already drafted a cornerback and an outside linebacker in order to address their top two needs, so they will be looking at drafting either a safety or defensive tackle with this pick. Jones would be a terrific value this late in the second round. He is a versatile safety that has some run support skills, but it's his range and playmaking skills in coverage that make him the second best safety in this class. He could contribute as a sub-package and special teams player as a rookie before eventually taking over for the 31-year old Jay Bellamy.

                61. Kansas City Chiefs
                Isaac Sapoaga | DT | Hawaii
                If the Chiefs go with a receiver in the first round, they will plan to draft a big, physical defensive tackle like Sapoaga in the second in order to bolster their pathetic run defense from a season ago.

                62. Carolina Panthers
                Chris Snee *| OG | Boston College
                The Panthers will be looking for either a cornerback or guard with this pick, and Snee is the best available athlete at either position. He has good size, is powerful in the running game and also is athletic enough to consistently hold up in pass protection. He could very easily beat out Doug Brzezinski for a starting position at guard for the Panthers in 2004.

                63. New England Patriots
                Matt Ware *| DC | UCLA
                If Ty Law is on his way out, which is looking more and more likely, the need to draft a cornerback -- or a free safety in order to move Eugene Wilson back to cornerback -- increases greatly. Ware is a big, athletic defensive back who could play either cornerback or safety in the NFL. His versatility would give him even greater value to the Patriots.

                Third Round

                64. Arizona - Tatum Bell, RB, Oklahoma State
                65. N.Y. Giants - Matt Schaub, QB, Virginia
                66. San Diego - Kelly Butler*, OT, Purdue
                67. Oakland - Robert Sanders, DS, Iowa
                68. Cleveland - Bernard Berrian, WR Fresno State
                69. Atlanta - Nat Dorsey*, OT, Georgia Tech
                70. Jacksonville - Demorrio Williams, OLB, Nebraska
                71. Houston - Stuart Schweigert, DS, Purdue
                72. Jacksonville (f/Was) - Shawntae Spencer, DC, Pittsburgh
                73. Detroit - David Ball, DE, UCLA
                74. Buffalo - Ernest Wilford, WR, Virginia Tech
                75. Pittsburgh - Travelle Wharton, OT, South Carolina
                76. N.Y. Jets - Sean Locklear, OG, N.C. State
                77. San Francisco - Keith Smith, DC, McNeese State
                78. Chicago - Derrick Hamilton*, WR, Clemson
                79. Tampa Bay - Igor Olshansky, DT, Oregon
                80. Cincinnati - Isaac Hilton, DE, Hampton
                81. New Orleans - Junior Siavii, DT, Oregon
                82. Minnesota - Madieu Williams, DS, Maryland
                83. Dallas - Mathias Askew*, DT, Michigan State
                84. Seattle - Jeremy LeSeuer, DC, Michigan
                85. Denver - Terry Johnson, DT, Washington
                86. Green Bay - Will Allen, DS, Ohio State
                87. Miami - Shaun Phillips, DE, Purdue
                88. Baltimore - Max Starks, OT, Florida
                89. Philadelphia - Julius Jones, RB, Notre Dame
                90. Indianapolis - Chad Lavalais, DT, LSU
                91. St. Louis - Chris Cooley, TE, Utah State
                92. Tennessee - Adrian Jones, OT, Kansas
                93. Kansas City - Nathan Vasher, DC, Texas
                94. Carolina - Keiwan Ratliff, DC, Florida
                95. New England - Keyaron Fox, OLB, Georgia Tech
                96. Cincinnati (f/NFL) - Alex Stepanovich, OC, Ohio State

                Fourth Round

                97. N.Y. Giants - Tim Anderson, DT, Ohio State
                98. San Diego - Bo Schobel, DE, TCU
                99. Oakland - Jorge Cordova, OLB, Nevada
                100. Arizona - Jason Shivers*, DS, Arizona State
                101. Atlanta - Tommy Kelly, DT, Mississippi State
                102. Jacksonville - Jason Peters*, TE, Arkansas
                103. Houston - Johnnie Morant, WR, Syracuse
                104. Chicago (f/Was/NE) - Kris Wilson, TE, Pittsburgh
                105. Detroit - Devard Darling*, WR, Washington State
                106. Cleveland - Ben Hartsock, TE, Ohio State
                107. Pittsburgh - Cedric Cobbs, RB, Arkansas
                108. N.Y. Jets - Darius Watts, WR, Marshall
                109. Buffalo - Richard Gardner, DC, Penn State
                110. Chicago - Brian Rimph, OT, East Carolina
                111. Tampa Bay - Ben Utecht, TE, Minnesota
                112. San Francisco - Tony Hargrove*, DE, Georgia Tech
                113. New England (f/NO) - Richard Seigler, ILB, Oregon State
                114. Cincinnati - Etric Pruitt, DS, Southern Miss
                115. Minnesota - Nate Kaeding, PK, Iowa
                116. Seattle - DeAndre Eiland, DS, South Carolina
                117. Cincinnati (f/Den) - Courtney Watson, ILB, Notre Dame
                118. Green Bay - Josh Harris, QB, Bowling Green
                119. Miami - Alan Reuber, OG, Texas A&M
                120. Baltimore - Jacob Bell, OG, Miami (OH)
                121. Dallas - Chris Thompson, DC, Nicholls State
                122. Houston (f/Ind) - Triandos Luke, WR, Alabama
                123. St. Louis - Brandon Chillar, OLB, UCLA
                124. Tennessee - Mewelde Moore, RB, Tulane
                125. Atlanta (f/Phi) - Greg Brooks, DC, Southern Miss
                126. Kansas City - Antonio Smith, DE, Oklahoma State
                127. Carolina - Marquis Cooper, OLB, Washington
                128. New England - Carlos Joseph, OT, Miami (FL)
                129. Philadelphia (f/NFL) - Rodney Leisle, DT, UCLA
                130. St. Louis (f/NFL) - Cody Pickett, QB, Washington
                131. Philadelphia (f/NFL) - Niko Koutouvides, ILB, Purdue
                132. N.Y. Jets (f/NFL) - Lewis Moore, OLB, Pittsburgh

                Fifth Round

                133. San Diego - DeMarco McNeil, DT, Auburn
                134. Oakland - Nick Leckey, OC, Kansas State
                135. Arizona - Bruce Thornton, DC, Georgia
                136. N.Y. Giants - Bobby McCray, DE, Florida
                137. Jacksonville - Kevin Sampson, OT, Syracuse
                138. Houston - Nick Hardwick, OC, Purdue
                139. Washington - Rashad Washington, DS, Kansas State
                140. Detroit - Courtney Anderson, TE, San Jose State
                141. Cleveland - Luke McCown, QB, Louisiana Tech
                142. Atlanta - Glenn Earl, DS, Notre Dame
                143. N.Y. Jets - Kentrell Curry, DS, Georgia
                144. Buffalo - Robert Geathers*, DE, Georgia
                145. Pittsburgh - Gilbert Gardner, OLB, Purdue
                146. Tampa Bay - Maurice Mann, WR, Nevada
                147. San Francisco - Raheem Orr, DE, Rutgers
                148. Chicago - Dexter Wynn, DC, Colorado State
                149. Cincinnati - James Newson, WR, Oregon State
                150. Jacksonville (f/NO) - Darrell Campbell, DT, Notre Dame
                151. Minnesota - Anthony Herrera, OG, Tennessee
                152. Denver - Sammie Parker, WR, Oregon
                153. Green Bay - John Navarre, QB, Michigan
                154. San Diego (f/Mia) - Kendyll Pope, OLB, Florida State
                155. Baltimore - Arnold Parker, DS, Utah
                156. Dallas - Trey Darilek, OG, UTEP
                157. Seattle - Jerricho Cotchery, WR, N.C. State
                158. St. Louis - Michael Turner, RB, Northern Illinois
                159. Tennessee - Tim Euhus, TE, Oregon State
                160. Baltimore (f/Phi) - Andrew Shull, DE, Kansas State
                161. Indianapolis - Sean Bubin, OT, Illinois
                162. Kansas City - Stacy Andrews, OT, Mississippi
                163. Carolina - Rod Davis, ILB, Southern Miss
                164. New England - Lousaka Polite, FB, Pittsburgh
                165. Tennessee (f/NFL) - Maurice Brown, WR, Iowa

                Sixth Round

                166. Oakland - Quincy Wilson, RB, West Virginia
                167 .Arizona - Jeff Smoker, QB, Michigan State
                168. N.Y. Giants - Brandon Everage, DS, Oklahoma
                169. San Diego - Adrian Clarke, OG, Ohio State
                170. Houston - Roderick Green, OLB, Central Missouri State
                171. Denver (f/Was) - Claude Harriott, DE, Pittsburgh
                172. Detroit - Landon Johnson, DC, Purdue
                173. Cleveland - Nathanial Adibi, DE, Virginia Tech
                174. Atlanta - J.R. Reed, DS, South Florida
                175. Jacksonville - Tony Bua, DS, Arkansas
                176. Cleveland (f/Buf) - Trevor Johnson, DE, Nebraska
                177. Pittsburgh - Sean Ryan, TE, Boston College
                178. N.Y. Jets - Shane Olivea, OT, Ohio State
                179. San Francisco - Rex Hadnot, OG, Houston
                180. Washington (f/Chi) - Corey Williams, DT, Arkansas State
                181. Tampa Bay - Troy Fleming, RB, Tennessee
                182. New Orleans - D.J. Hackett, WR, Colorado
                183. Cincinnati - Guss Scott, DS, Florida
                184. Minnesota - Terrance Copper, WR, East Carolina
                185. Philadelphia (f/GB) - Gibril Wilson, DS, Tennessee
                186. Miami - Bryan Hickman, OLB, Kansas State
                187. Baltimore - Vontez Duff, DC, Notre Dame
                188. Green Bay (f/Dal) - Jason David, DC, Washington State
                189. Seattle - Jake Scott, OT, Idaho
                190. Denver - Trevor Johnson, DE, Nebraska
                191. Tennessee - Brett Pierce, TE, Stanford
                192. Philadelphia - Matt Mauck*, QB, LSU
                193. Indianapolis - Cody Spencer, ILB, North Texas
                194. Pittsburgh (f/StL) - B.J. Johnson, WR, Texas
                195. Kansas City - Jared Lorenzen, QB, Kentucky
                196. Carolina - Andrew Strojny, OT, Duke
                197. Pittsburgh (f/NE) - Ryan Fowler, ILB, Duke
                198. San Francisco (f/NFL) - Joe Echemandu, RB, California
                199. Baltimore (f/NFL) - Thomas Tapeh, FB, Minnesota
                200. Houston (f/NFL) - Scott Wells, OC, Tennessee
                201. St. Louis (f/NFL) - Brett Hudson, DS, Arizona State

                Seventh Round

                202. Arizona - Reggie Torbor, OLB, Auburn
                203. N.Y. Giants - Drew Carter, WR, Ohio State
                204. San Diego - Jeb Terry, OG, North Carolina
                205. Oakland - Mark Wilson, OT, California
                206. New Orleans (f/Was) - Caleb Miller, ILB, Arkansas
                207. Buffalo (f/Det) - Joe Tate, OG, Michigan State
                208. Cleveland - Jordan Carstens, DT, Iowa State
                209. San Diego (f/Atl) - Amon Gordon*, DT, Stanford
                210. Jacksonville - Kendrick Starling, WR, San Jose State
                211. Houston - Carl Diggs, ILB, Michigan
                212. Pittsburgh - Mondre Dickerson, DT, Tennessee
                213. N.Y. Jets - Bradlee Van Pelt, QB, Colorado State
                214. Buffalo - Scott Jackson, OC, BYU
                215. Chicago - Ran Carthon, RB, Florida
                216. Tampa Bay - Justin Jenkins, WR, Mississippi State
                217. San Francisco - Carlos Francis, WR, Texas Tech
                218. Cincinnati - Jabari Greer, DC, Tennessee
                219. Miami (f/NO) - Jamaar Taylor, WR, Texas A&M
                220. Minnesota - Stephen Peterman, OG, LSU
                221. Miami - Craig Terrill, DT, Purdue
                222. Baltimore - Ahmad Childress*, DT, Alabama
                223. Oakland (f/Dal) - Jared Allen, DE, Idaho State
                224. Seattle - Lawrence Richardson, DC, Arkansas
                225. Denver - Jim Molinaro, OT, Notre Dame
                226. Green Bay - Marcell Allmond, DC, USC
                227. Philadelphia - Alex Lewis, OLB, Wisconsin
                228. Tampa Bay (f/Ind) - Rashad Baker, DS, Tennessee
                229. Indianapolis (f/StL) - Quinn Christensen, OG, BYU
                230. Tennessee - Travis Wilson, FB, Kansas State
                231. Kansas City - Kyle Larson, PT, Nebraska
                232. Carolina - Jeff Dugan, TE, Maryland
                233. New England - Jason Geathers, RB, Miami (FL)
                234. N.Y. Jets (f/NFL) - Fred Russell, RB, Iowa
                235. N.Y. Jets (f/NFL) - Andrae Thurman, WR, Southern Oregon
                236. N.Y. Jets (f/NFL) - Thomas Hollowell, OLB, Nebraska
                237. St. Louis (f/NFL) - Khiawatha Downey, OG, IUP
                238. St. Louis (f/NFL) - Roderick Royal, ILB, McNeese State
                239. Tennessee (f/NFL) - Leon Joe, OLB, Maryland
                240. New Orleans (f/NFL) - Michael Gaines, TE, Central Florida
                241. Tennessee (f/NFL) - Tony Pape, OT, Michigan
                242. Philadelphia (f/NFL) - Dexter Reid, DS, North Carolina
                243. Philadelphia (f/NFL) - Kelvin Millhouse, DC, Hawaii
                244. Baltimore (f/NFL) - Brandon Miree, RB, Pittsburgh
                245. Oakland (f/NFL) - Randy Jordan, DC, Kansas State
                246. Baltimore (f/NFL) - Grant Wiley, OLB, West Virginia
                247. Denver (f/NFL) - Shannon Snell, OG, Florida
                248. Houston (f/NFL) - Daniel Young, LS, N.C. State
                249. Jacksonville (f/NFL) - Bruce Perry, RB, Maryland
                250. Denver (f/NFL) - Ryan Dinwiddie, QB, Boise State
                251. Green Bay (f/NFL) - Jacques Reeves, DC, Purdue
                252. Tampa Bay (f/NFL) - Gabe Nyenhuis, DE, Colorado
                253. N.Y. Giants (f/NFL) - Erik Coleman, DS, Washington State
                254. San Diego (f/NFL) - John Clabo, OG, Wake Forest
                255. Oakland (f/NFL) - Jeris McIntyre, WR, Auburn

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                • #11
                  Originally posted by JackSparrow@Apr 21 2004, 10:19 AM
                  Wish we could get Hall from Va Tech.

                  He is a top ten, but I like his style of D - not to mention his special teams.

                  Way out of our hopes.
                  No way Hall is on the board when the Rams draft. Should be quite a few decent secondary prospects available though if you like that position:

                  Ware (UCLA), Dunta Robinson (South Carolina), Chris Gamble (Ohio State), Derrick Strait (Oklahoma), Ahmad Carroll (Arkansas). Shawntae Spencer (Pittsburgh) are just a few.

                  I still thing DE is our most pressing need and believe Will Smith for Ohio State may still be on the board. If he is gone, and the Rams aren't drafting Losman, I would use the pick for a CB or trade for picks, including at least one early second or two mid-late seconds.
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                  • #12
                    We have no prayer at Will Smith

                    Do we have a scout that lives near the campus of Utah State or something?
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                    • #13
                      As I said, Hall is a top ten.

                      Will smith is at least top 15.

                      Neither will be there when we are up.
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                      • #14
                        ESPN insiders 1st round projections look bogus.

                        I would take Cody Pickett in the 3rd though.
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                        • #15
                          Originally posted by JackSparrow@Apr 21 2004, 10:28 AM
                          As I said, Hall is a top ten.

                          Will smith is at least top 15.

                          Neither will be there when we are up.
                          Smith could be available at the Rams spot. I see only Jacksonville taking a DE ahead of us and they would be insane not to take Udeze from USC.

                          Smith has some speed and size issues and I simply don't see any other teams in front of the Rams reaching for a DE.

                          Of course, I could be wrong.
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