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What the hell? No new episodes of 24 until,

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  • What the hell? No new episodes of 24 until,

    I love this show. But this shit really pisses me off. As complex as this show is why would you take a month break between new episodes. Probably so Fox can give us their latest reality show incarnation which revolves around a midget who is getting a recording contract after he fools his family into thinking he's marrying a fat guy who really turns out to be a woman. Fucking assholes, just show the damn program.
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    Gives you the warm fuzzies, doesn't it?

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    Doesn't surprise me....

    I'm gonna watch tonite episode in a few minutes....

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    Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
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      Gah! I said the same thing when I saw the previews for the next episode...

      MARCH 30th??

      All the more reason to hate American Idol.
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        Why do networks do that here? I mean Friends will have been on like a year it seems by the time the final episode is shown. Mind you that is still better than having to wait for things. The new series of Friends and 24 has only just started for my poor old family stuck in Blighty.