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How much respect do the players have for TLR?

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  • How much respect do the players have for TLR?

    For all I know, they have a lot, and what they say out loud to reporters is true. But I have to wonder. The pitching staff has to answer to LaRussa and Duncan---I would think that would be more difficult than the position players who have Oquendo and others behind LaRussa. Do they have thoughts about who is on the staff, who is in the minors, and how they are used? Do any players wonder about the decisions regarding who plays left field and second base and backup catcher? Especially left field has an impact on pitchers as well as the others. Are eyebrows ever raised when a player like Rolen is on a tear batting cleanup, and then he's not batting cleanup? Albert Pujolz, who is a serious and thoughtful student of the game, has a 7 year contract---yesterday he was chewed out by a lame duck manager for aggressive or stupid baserunning. Or maybe he wasn't--the announcers kind of hinted, but never actually said so. Maybe his attitude was "good--I deserve the criticism" or maybe it's "what does this clown know?"LaRussa seems to be inconsistent---or maybe the players interpret it as an intense effort to squeeze the most out of everyone's ability. For me, it would be hard to be charitable in my attitude toward the manager----but I don't know how it actually is.