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    This really doesn't apply too much anymore, seeing as how the Blues are done and there won't be any NHL for them to play in for a while, but does anyone else get the impression on television that the crowd at Savvis during playoff games isn't really into the game? While it was understandable this year, I've noticed this in past years too, even when the Blues have been good.

    Watching the playoffs year after year, there are certain arenas where the crowd is just electric. It goes without saying that this is the case in all six Canadian markets. It's also the case in certain U.S. cities that are hockey-mad, like Detroit, Boston, Minnesota, Philadelphia, and Long Island. But in the playoffs, it is even true in cities where no more than 25 people give a damn. The crowds in Nashville and Carolina the last couple of years have been raucous during the playoffs. In the playoffs, Kings crowds are as rowdy and pumped up as any in the league.

    So why does it seem like the Blues fans are less into the game and excited about the game than they are in other cities?

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    Making the playoffs is expected in St. Louis.. I think that's why people don't go nuts.. That said.. I was at game 4 (and though the alcohol helped) I was as loud as a mofo.

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      You don't think making the playoffs is expected in places like Toronto, Philadelphia, Detroit, and even Montreal?

      Or is St. Louis just not a hockey-mad city?


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        Too many suits, not enough real Blues fans. Savvis games are a place to be seen and socialize, not to cheer loudly for the local team. The Blues are to blame for selling out to the corporations. They've raised the prices for the lower bowl that the average guy cannot afford to purchase them. Big corporations get them and then don't use them half the time. I used to work for a compnay that advertised at Savvis and part of the ad package was 4 seats in 106. I don't know how many times I was called at 6pm to see if I wanted to go to the 7 pm game. Half the time our seats went unused. It's a damn shame.
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          The Blues ticket prices are a joke compared to other cities.
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            I dunno - it seems like they get pretty worked up for cheap tacos....
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              Originally posted by devaskar@Apr 18 2004, 01:09 PM
              You don't think making the playoffs is expected in places like Toronto, Philadelphia, Detroit, and even Montreal?

              Or is St. Louis just not a hockey-mad city?
              Those places the playoffs AND success is expected...

              You can't convince me that most of these places simply have better hockey fans (quantity I'll give you more for a lot of those places, but places like Nashville and Carolina no way do they simply have better fans), so I think a lot of it has to do with what Elvis just said... Half the stadium is out of your blue collar fans' price range...

              Mezzanine is one story.. When I'm up there it's loud as all heck (at least during the playoffs), but down low I've had people look at me weird for cheering (even in the playoffs).

              The fans are really so apathetic that the first and 2nd round don't do much for them... In 2001 I thought the crowd was quite excited in the 3rd round.

              I don't think Detroit is all that loud of a place in just the first round...

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                Originally posted by CSD@Apr 18 2004, 01:11 PM
                The Blues ticket prices are a joke compared to other cities.
                How so?

                I got my FULL SEASON ticket package for $368.00 -- and that included preseason and the first (and subsequently only) two playoff games.

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                  Originally posted by CSD@Apr 18 2004, 01:11 PM
                  The Blues ticket prices are a joke compared to other cities.
                  I gotta challenge you on this.

                  You can get a damn good seat at center ice in the first row of the balcony for $35 (best seat in the house IMO) and there are plenty of seats at $8, $15, and $25.

                  This is one area where the Blues have done a good job.

                  How does that compare with the Flyers?
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                    St. Louis is not a RABID hockey city in the form of Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, etc., and it never will be. It's a baseball town, and sadly now more of a football town than a hockey town even.

                    But hockey's still first in my book and always has been. I go nuts at all games, but especially playoff games.
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                      Originally posted by steveInebriated+Apr 18 2004, 04:14 PM-->
                      QUOTE (steveInebriated @ Apr 18 2004, 04:14 PM)

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                      Originally posted by ohio BLUES+Apr 18 2004, 03:20 PM-->
                      QUOTE (ohio BLUES @ Apr 18 2004, 03:20 PM)
                      Originally posted by [email protected] 18 2004, 04:14 PM

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                      Originally posted by steveInebriated@Apr 18 2004, 04:21 PM
                      Then I'm laughing all the way to 41 games, plus preseason and postseason.... B)
                      And wasting your money on a shitty product that you could be putting towards a nice, shiny-new, Mac..

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                        Here's my take. The upper circle is nearly always filled to capacity with crazed, rabid Blues fans. Drinking, eating, cheering, jeering, etc. I happen to count myself among the true fans of the game, though I sit down low, just by chance of my dad having season tickets in Sec. 119. This was probably the last year (5 in a row I think) that he'll shell out money for them though. The lower bowl ends are usually full of good fans too, and of course, there will be exceptions, but very generally speaking the lower bowl is filled with corporate season ticket seats, clients, one-time a year attendees, and generally NOT actual Blues fans, or even hockey fans for that matter. THAT is why I think it often appears the fans aren't into the games, because they're not. Not the ones you can really see on TV anyway. JMO of course.


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                          Originally posted by 007+Apr 18 2004, 03:25 PM-->
                          QUOTE (007 @ Apr 18 2004, 03:25 PM)