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  • Never Scared - Chris Rock

    FUNNY! I love Chris Rock because he's political and he's not afraid to call people out. He does that in this show quite a bit.

    The most poignant comment he made was about how certain people (whether their "liberal", "conservative", "libertarian" etc.) have their minds made up about things even before you say anything to them. THEY DON'T LISTEN. They're too busy being a member of a group or club and don't like to actually THINK FOR THEMSELVES. It happens on this message board every single day.

    Rock is still funny as hell at age 39.
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    I thought he was overall.....weak....

    not nearly as insightful or cutting edge as he usually is
    Are you on the list?


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      I can if somebody tapes it or it comes on regular cable. I do not get HBO.
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        It was far from his best stuff...


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          He was as insightful as ever, but not as funny as he has been.

          He still cuts right to the marrow.
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            It was surprisingly boring with some spattered comedy. I'm surprised how racist and blind some of the stuff was. Many of his jokes come from calling out the truth, but he stretched too much in this one.

            Definitely not his best stuff.
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