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White-only scholarship at Mizzou by student

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  • White-only scholarship at Mizzou by student

    Student offers ‘white scholarship’

    Web-posted April 16, 2004

    Sadie Gurman
    Staff Writer

    Although he’s not certain who will win, sophomore Colin Kerr already knows one thing about the recipient of his $200 scholarship: He or she will be white.

    “No one realizes the injustice of a race-based scholarship until it’s offered to a white student,” he said. “We want people to question the nature of a scholarship being offered based on race.”

    Money from private donors helped Kerr fund his “white scholarship,” which asks applicants to write a 500-word essay explaining how their “European-American heritage affects ... perception of minority race-based scholarships.”

    This approach, Kerr said, attempts to show students that any scholarship based solely on race creates a double-standard.

    $200 for my school, Jack
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    Mizzou a school always on the cutting edge.

    Where did this kid get an idea like this? Maybe from the hundred other schools who have done this.


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      I see nothing wrong with "specialty" scholarships.

      How about an all Kevin or "Turd" scholarship?
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        This is great.
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