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Avatar's.. I have had a bad day so far

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  • Avatar's.. I have had a bad day so far

    Have had a bad day battling a virus called trojan horse that doesn't want to be removed, and this damn morze1.exe form of some freakin alien spyware... So I might as well pizz 007 and some of you off..

    From 007 rules as stated above:

    "Don't forget: Use common sense when creating a new avatar and/or signature. If it's not something you'd feel comfortable showing your mom, then odds are, it's not appropriate. If you have an open-minded mom, think of your grandma."

    I had an open-minded mom, god bless her... However my grandmother has also passed away, so I don't feel she is an issue here.. Plus my Grandmother would never be coming to a board like this Is my avatar out of line? I guess all good things must end cause of the "good people".. Thanks and peace...

    The Tailor..
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    There's a chance those that are on at work and school may have a problem with it. Sorry.
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      I can't see it.

      I am really okay with having avatars and signature lines off.

      I tried to lose my avatar altogether but people kept telling me to put it back up. So while I dont' see it, I guess others can.

      You know.
      Sometimes elections have positive consequences!


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        Hey...might as well cause someone else to have a bad day too, huh?

        Whether someone is surfing at work is their own business, and their own problem.

        When they come here expecting rules to be adhered to, and they're not, they have no control over that.

        Just glad I'm not at work.

        This is why I turn everything off at work. Regardless of rules, someone will always see fit to break them.

        By the way...that family I hit and killed when I was drunk? I had a bad day at work. Sorry.
        " Look, forget the myths the media's created about the White House--the truth is, these are not very bright guys, and things got out of hand."


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          Cubs4ever's avatar offends me.