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    OK, here's the deal. I am a commissioner of a baseball league and I offered a trade to a rookie. He accepted Richie Sexson and Jose Mesa for A-Rod. He's clearly getting a bad deal but is it bad enough for me to feel guilty? I assumed he would counter that offer. Should I not allow the trade and offer a better closer with Sexson or is it close enough to be fair?

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    Is this a "keeper league"?

    If so, then you should NOT make the deal.

    If its a year to year thing, make the trade. That's how he will learn.
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      Buyer beware.

      If he ain't smart enough to realize he's getting screwed then don't feel guilty.

      I would expect the other guys in your league will raise hell though.
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        A-Rod is overrated. Make the deal, but you're the one getting screwed.

        There? Feel better?