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    February 24, 2004 -- JUST as Lil' Kim was issuing a statement defending herself from Bill O'Reilly, we were receiving reports of her panty-less performance at Canal Room on Saturday night. O'Reilly thinks Old Navy shouldn't undermine the morals of our youth by using such a brazen hip-hopper to sell its clothing. Kim, in a statement yesterday from her manager's assistant - we assume she read it and nodded her head - said, "I was completely blindsided by Mr. O'Reilly's derogatory comments against me. It shows the world that contrary to popular beliefs, Neanderthals are not entirely extinct. This man has manifested a vendetta against black music. I am not the first artist he has tried to defame and disrespect, and I'm sure I won't be the last . . . And to Mr. O'Reilly I say this: Next time something offends you on television, change the channel. I do it all the time during your show." Meanwhile, Kim wore a "super-sexy short red dress" on Saturday night as she rapped at Canal Room. "When she stood up on a platform during her first song, she gave the crowd a little more than music. She wasn't wearing any panties," one witness said. "Everyone in the first few rows saw all of the goods."