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  • Dontrelle Willis

    He's a triple away from the cycle tonight, batting 1.000 thus far, on the season, and by the way, he's got an 8-0 lead.
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    wow. coooool.

    He is fun to watch.
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      I doubt the Marlins' coaching staff appreciate Dontrelle sliding headfirst into bases and stuff, but I certainly do.


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        in search of: has any pitcher ever hit for the cycle? I've done a few searches, came up empty.

        If anyone can do it, it's Dontrelle. I'm rooting for him.
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          Mindboggling, they yanked D-Train before he got the chance to go for the triple. It's a damn 9-0 lead now, let the guy bat in the top half, then yank him.
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            Let's slow the train down a bit.

            I would have like to seen him get the cycle. But, a triple is statiscally the hardest hit to get. If Dontrell would pull a hammy, or blow out a knee, attempting to strectch a sure double into a triple, McKeon and the 3rd base coach would have their necks on the chopping block.

            In this case, I perfer to error on the side of caution.
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              Valid point. I'm getting ahead of myself, I suppose. Still would have been nice, and he's still one of the most exciting kids to watch in MLB.
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                after a little research...

                Tom Parrott, Cincinatti Reds, 9/28/1894 (career .301 hitter, 15 hrs)
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                  It's amazing how well he hides the ball.
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