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  • Quitting Time

    and this board gets as quiet as a morgue.I can actually hear an echo in here.Being
    a business owner it amazes me at all the lost productivity.And to think this is only
    one of millions of boards.Especially those not for work sites.
    Look out here come the Chinese,they are not allowed to peek on the internet at
    work.Or else,bamboo shoots up the fingernails.
    Unfortunately this place is addicting so all of us who bill by the hour enter at our own expense.

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    You are correct...the Chinese are not allowed for I run a tough sweat shop....

    Gotta go and crack the whip again...I hear a modem buzzing


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      Good to see you're still at it.


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        I feel my job gives a great indication on just how screwed up many American small bussinesses are.

        I work at a tech desk call center for credit card machines and PC programs. You would not believe how many of these people do not know how to use a simple credit card machine. They run sales as refunds, forget to turn on the printer, want to argue a declined card, bitch about having to type in the fraud control numbers, and so on.

        We also get those clowns who want to check a transaction that took place six months ago. Great bookkeeping, mac.
        Make America Great For Once.


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          You should see this place between 3:30am and 6am (Central time). I think I am the only one around 99% of the time.

          My work encourages internet surfing. It is part of the job.
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