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Lawmaker Calls for Sept. 11 Panelist Resignation

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  • Lawmaker Calls for Sept. 11 Panelist Resignation

    Will this "commission" accomplish anything?

    Just another futile exercise in "public service".

    "Commissioner Gorelick's memo directing a policy that 'go[es] beyond what is legally required' indicates that her judgment and actions as the deputy attorney general in the Reno Justice Department are very much in question before the commission."
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    Imperfect does not equal worthless, IMO. A bipartisan commision whose members know the territory is bound to create some "issues." Call me naive, but I'd imagine Gorelick could do better practicing law and continuing to serve as vice chair of Fannie Mae than by the public service mocked...

    from the article...

    Gorelick is currently a partner at the law firm of Wilmer Cutler and Pickering and stepped down as vice chairman of Fannie Mae when she took the position on the commission. She was appointed to the panel by Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota and former House Democratic Leader Dick Gephardt of Missouri.

    Two groups — The 9-11 Family Steering Committee and 9-11 Citizens Watch — previously called for the resignation of the commission's executive director, Philip Zelikow, after it was discovered that he participated in Bush administration briefings on the Al Qaeda threat prior to Sept. 11.

    Only Zelikow and Gorelick reportedly are allowed to read classified intelligence reports— known as the presidential daily briefs— in their entirety.
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      Webster University's mascot is on the 9/11 commission??!??
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        I do think it's inappropriate for someone being investigated to take part in the investigating.

        Same as it's inappropriate for for Scalia to judge Cheney's case....
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          Webster University's mascot is on the 9/11 commission??!??
's a Gorelock. Don't ask me what's intimidating about Gore and Lockwood, but apparently someone thought so.