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Japanese Recruitment Video

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  • no1cardfan
    ummm, wow. I'm speechless. That was the wierdest thing I've seen in a while...

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  • Hedley Lamarr
    Guest started a topic Japanese Recruitment Video

    Japanese Recruitment Video

    The Japanese navy created a TV ad in February to encourage enlistments and public support for its mission of sending security troops to Iraq. In the spot, according to a Reuters reporter, seven actors dressed, Village People-like, as sailors dancing on the deck of a ship, singing (roughly translated), "Nippon Seaman Ship, Seaman Shipo, For Love ... For Peace" and "I Love Japan, I Love Peace, The Maritime Self-Defense Force." (The ad is needed, said a senior officer, because "there are a lot of young people and women who don't seem interested (in the navy).") [Reuters, 2-26-04]

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