The Supreme Court is faced with the choice between abandoning its misguided precedents or affirming them, which would plunge the justices into the angry sea of public scorn and congressional retaliation. Justice Antonin Scalia has recused himself, so the court's liberals can't depend on their fellow conservatives to save them from folly by outvoting them. Maybe the anti-God justices will lose nerve and hide behind Newdow's lack of legal standing: neither he nor a child under his custody was ever exposed to the pledge. Or maybe the court will duck the dilemma by declaring that "under God" has no religious meaning, a ruling that would outrage Americans who are quite sure that God is alive and well. The lawsuit to censor God out of the pledge and American public life is looking no better than the failed attempt to restrict the showing of Mel Gibson's popular Passion of the Christ. God is not so easily defeated in America.