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Highrises threaten nude beach

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  • Highrises threaten nude beach

    Highrises threaten nude beach

    John Bermingham
    Vancouver Province

    April 11, 2004

    VANCOUVER -- For the sunbathers of Vancouver's renowned Wreck Beach, the pending development of "Peekaboo Towers" that would overlook the famous nude locale is, well, unnatural.

    The University of B.C., which provides access to Wreck Beach, has recently unveiled plans to build four 20-storey high-rise residences for nearly 2,000 students. It is not known when the project would be completed.

    The nude beachgoers say students living in the residences will be able to see all of God's creation.

    "It just seems kind of outrageous," said UBC marine biology student Dana Miller, 20, as she lay sunbathing in a bikini Saturday on the beach.

    "A lot of people would stop coming down here nude. It's going to ruin it."

    Judy Williams, chairwoman of the Wreck Beach Preservation Society, says peeping toms already take photos of bathers and post them on the Internet. And busloads of tourists regularly stop off for a gawk.

    "I've walked down the beach, and I'm portly, and I've had people say to me, 'Oh, there goes Mrs. Santa Claus'. It's not very flattering."

    Williams said Wreck Beach is a natural paradise that should be preserved.

    "This is the last place (in Vancouver) where you don't have buildings showing above the trees," she said.

    "And we don't want to lose it. Our main concern is to keep it natural and beautiful."

    Since they were babies

    Justine Gibson has brought her two kids to Wreck Beach since they were babies.

    They feel safe on the beach among friends, she said, but if there's a highrise looming overhead, they're not coming back. "To be able to see (these buildings) would just be horrific," said Gibson. "It will be the end of the beach for us.

    "When I take the kids down, I feel completely secure. The people on the beach are like family. They all look out for your kids."

    Dennis Pavlich, UBC's vice-president of external affairs, said the university will respect the privacy of nudists.

    "We want to be neighbourly," he said. "We are going to ensure we don't encroach on the privacy of the bathers. We will make the necessary arrangements.

    "If a building has to have some storeys lopped off, we will."

    Pavlich said in June, UBC will be testing the visibility down onto the beach, and will lower the building heights if they're causing a problem.

    Williams raised an observation blimp over the beach Saturday, and figures at least 15 storeys would have clear views.

    Canada's top nudist beach

    Wreck Beach is regarded as Canada's top nudist beach, and among the top three in North America, with an estimated 300,000 sunbathers a year.

    Clothing is optional, but one in two bathers prefers a birthday suit to a Speedo.

    Since 1989, the beach has been under the management of the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

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    So, let me get this straight, people are going to a NUDE beach, but don't want to be SEEN?

    Uh ok, I get it
    Be passionate about what you believe in, or why bother.


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      From what I've heard, most people on nude beaches you don't want to see nude anyway.

      Isn't it kind of creepy, though, that someone would take their kids to a nude beach?
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