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Thieves steal cold-blooded Mr Cranky Pants

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  • Thieves steal cold-blooded Mr Cranky Pants

    Thieves steal cold-blooded Mr Cranky Pants

    Management at the Australian Reptile Park on New South Wales central coast is concerned for the welfare of a 1.2 metre alligator, known as Mr Cranky Pants, that was stolen from the park over the weekend.

    It is understood the thieves scaled two barbed wire security fences and climbed into a pit with six alligators before stealing the four-year-old reptile.

    It is the third alligator stolen from the Somersby Park in two years.

    Park general manager Al Mucci says the reptiles are worth about $5,000 each and are sold on the exotic pet black-market.

    "The issue firstly is the welfare of the animal," he said.

    "It's an exotic animal so you really need experienced people to handle, manage and look after these sort of animals and here at the Reptile Park we do have those type of people.

    "The people who've stolen this animal might not have this expertise and might compromise the welfare of this animal."


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    Hey, I wanted fresh skin for my new boots. What's wrong with that?
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      "commissioner....we need steve irwin. now flash the signal, dammit!"
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        Mr. Cranky Pants is back home.