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9/11 commission: Ashcroft faces the fire

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  • 9/11 commission: Ashcroft faces the fire

    The 9/11 Commission: Justice's Blind Spot
    And you thought the Clarke-Rice smackdown was heated. Wait till the folks from the FBI and Justice talk terror under oath

    To the G-men, Ashcroft seemed at once overbearing and naive. Informed of the FBI investigation into Al Qaeda after taking office in March, Ashcroft asked, "Why don't we go out and arrest these guys?" Not enough evidence, was the answer. Then Ashcroft seemed to lose interest in the terrorism issue, some bureau officials say. His predecessor, Janet Reno, demanded to be regularly briefed on the status of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act cases on terror suspects. Ashcroft told Justice lawyers he did not need to hear daily reports. "It's like a soap opera," Ashcroft said at one meeting, according to a former Justice official. "You can tune in once a week and catch up with what's been going on." (An Ashcroft aide denies that the A.G. made such a comment.)



    The 9/11 commission picks up again next week with more high drama in store. NBC News has learned that a former FBI director is expected to criticize his former boss, U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, along with Ashcroft’s focus on terrorism before 9/11.
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    He should be out of office if he made those remarks.
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      Originally posted by madyaks@Apr 11 2004, 02:38 PM
      He should be out of office if he made those remarks.
      I'd dump him even if he didn't make the remarks.
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        Originally posted by TTB+Apr 11 2004, 05:31 PM-->
        QUOTE (TTB @ Apr 11 2004, 05:31 PM)