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Mizzou football spring scrimmage

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  • Mizzou football spring scrimmage

    Apparently this Marcus Woods guy, a redshirt freshman, is crazy-fast.
    Meanwhile, as good as Nash was last season, he said he "didn't feel quite right" ... but does now. That sounds good to me.

    The Mizzou defense managed to hold Brad Smith to 0 yards rushing.

    Some things were more obvious, most notably the potential of running backs Damien Nash and Marcus Woods. Although the defense was the official winner based on an intricate scoring system, Nash and Woods gained the most notice by combining for 201 yards and a couple of nifty touchdown runs.

    "They're big-play type guys who can take a short run and make it big," said quarterback Brad Smith. "It's going to be a big plus to have them out there."

    On a day when the cold and wet conditions helped slow the passing game, the duo averaged 10 yards per carry.

    Missouri fans got a good look at Nash last season when he was the team's third-leading rusher with 462 yards. He said he feels considerably stronger this spring.

    The former East St. Louis and Riverview High standout at times used his 220 pounds to run over defenders, breaking tackles on several occasions. On a 21-yard TD, he blew through the middle and then used a shifty move to get outside and to the end zone.

    "Damien sometimes slashes a little too much," Pinkel said. "He's so quick and used to making big plays. Physically he's a lot different player, which we knew he would be. To continue to mature, he has to pick his moments to do the shake-and-bake type things. That's something he's getting better at."

    Nash said he never felt quite right last season as he continued to rebound from a knee injury suffered in 2002 while at Coffeyville Community College. He is listed at No. 1 on the depth chart this spring and did nothing to alter that position.

    "I felt 10 times better this year coming into the spring," Nash said. "I went through a whole season and wouldn't say I was all the way healthy. But it helped me get my knee back together. Now I know I'm 95 percent. . . . Right now I am the No. 1 back, and I feel good being there."

    Woods gave every indication that he will be the perfect complement. At 5-8, 180, he doesn't pack Nash's power but does have some strength to go with his quickness.

    After Woods did nothing but practice in 2003, his teammates still haven't figured out how to bring him down. Or run him down. The redshirt freshman shot through the line for a 25-yard touchdown and had runs of 19, 14 and 14 yards.

    "It felt great," he said. "I think the coaches have a lot of confidence in the running game now. My teammates say I have a low center of gravity and it's hard to bring me down. I just use my strength to the best of my ability."
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    Dude. Can. Fly.

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    That's cool. My guess is they red shirt Temple.

    We need some better WRs.

    Any word on that position?

    We also need some stud DTs.
    Go Cards ...12 in 13.


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      Originally posted by TTB@Apr 11 2004, 09:56 AM
      That's cool. My guess is they red shirt Temple.

      We need some better WRs.

      Any word on that position?

      We also need some stud DTs.
      All the discussion of the recruiting class has been on the QB's Patton and Jackson, the RB Temple, and to a lesser extent the WR Humphrey.

      From what i've heard the biggest impact freshman player may very well be William Franklin, a receiver from Vashon. Supposedly he's much more polished than Humphrey and a great athlete.

      I sure hope this pans out as Mizzou's receiving corps are all possession receivers. Brad Smith, IMO, will never be great in the passing game. I think he needs some great receivers to make him look better-----not vice versa.


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        Originally posted by tigernumbe+Apr 11 2004, 11:48 AM-->
        QUOTE (tigernumbe @ Apr 11 2004, 11:48 AM)