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  • Poor old David Beckham

    Even if none of this is true, it is bloody funny.

    I'm Becks' lover No2

    By Neville Thurlbeck

    The News of the World can sensationally reveal that David Beckham bedded a SECOND mistress behind his wife's back.

    She is barrister's daughter Sarah Marbeck.

    And in a shattering world exclusive interview, Sarah tells how he seduced her with the same techniques he used on his other lover Rebecca Loos.

    Sarah's testimony reveals for the first time the WHOLE TRUTH about David's marriage to Victoria.

    It explodes any thought that his fling with Loos was a one-off mistake and exposes the Beckhams' ‘perfect family life' as a troubled, affair-ridden sham for over TWO YEARS.

    News of this second affair will come as a bolt from the blue to millions of fans and a bodyblow to Posh.

    Malaysian-born beauty Sarah said last night: "Sleeping with David Beckham was a momentous day for me, not just a one-night stand.

    "I certainly didn't take our affair lightly and nor did he. This is probably the most famous father, family man and husband in the world and he changed my life.

    "I know I meant something to him because, on and off, we continued our relationship month after month after month. When we made love David told me, ‘I know what we're doing is wrong, but I can't help it'.


    "The first time he took me to bed he kissed me everywhere. I looked down and there was David Beckham kissing my breasts! David Beckham!"

    In the week since the News of the World revealed his affair with his former PA in Spain, the Beckhams put on a carefully-staged show of unity on the alpine ski slopes of Courchevel and David tried to dismiss an affair as ‘ludicrous', while never actually denying it.

    But, like Rebecca, who reveals her story for the first time in the News of the World today, Sarah has the hard evidence to support her story.

    He sent her hundreds of erotic and sometimes filthy TEXT MESSAGES.

    At one stage he was texting Sarah and Rebecca at the SAME TIME.

    Becks SEDUCED Sarah on a Man United tour of the Far East

    He got her a seat to watch him play Italy in England and MET her "all hot and sweaty" in the players' tunnel.

    He MADE LOVE to her at the team hotel that night.

    At the time, Posh was PREGNANT with baby Romeo.

    Sarah's close friend and representative, top Australian lawyer Michael Brereton, said: "Sarah has thought long and hard before telling her story. What she has to say is true and hugely significant. Beckham is an idol to millions—his fans should know the truth."

    Becks and 29-year-old Sarah first set eyes on one another at a party thrown by Singapore socialites Frank and Mavis Benjamin during Man United's pre-season tour of the Far East in 2001. It was July 26.

    They had their picture taken ...four hours before they had sex.

    Sarah, who has worked for Armani, Gucci and Calvin Klein, explained: "I was invited to the party through my modelling agency. The Benjamins have a palatial house, and I first saw David as I was walking down the stairs to the pool. He just stood there staring at me. So I went up to him and said, ‘Hi, how do you find Singapore weather?' He complained ‘It's a bit hot."

    "I started laughing at his outfit — all the players had been told to wear white T-shirts and shorts. He agreed, ‘We all look stupid'. Soon, David asked me to meet him in the private movie theatre under the house. He'd obviously checked the place out.

    "We sat at the back and I asked, ‘How's your wife?' He said, ‘She's fine, yeah, she's well'. Then he said to me, ‘Look, I don't usually do this but I'd really like your company later tonight. Will you come to my room on your own?'"

    He gave her his room number at the Shangri-La Hotel but the conversation was cut short when a bodyguard came into the room and told Beckham that the United bus was ready to leave. "I didn't know what to do," said Sarah. "I stayed at the party another half an hour thinking about it, then, I thought, ‘Right, I'm going to go through with it'.

    "I ran back to my apartment and got changed into T-shirt and wide-leg purple cargo pants. I didn't wear any make-up because I didn't want him to think I was getting dressed up for him. But I did put on nice lingerie ‘just in case'-black lacy Calvin Klein bra and knickers."

    At the hotel, Sarah discovered she was expected. She was escorted to a room and suddenly received a startling insight into the secret world of soccer stardom. She explained: "There were some players I didn't recognise. They told me to sit with them for a while and someone would be seeing me soon. I asked them why the secrecy and they just said this was the way it always was.

    "Then this big bodyguard came in and said, ‘Ok, are you ready? I'm going to take you up now. But I'm going to have to take your bag and shoes'. He was treating me like a terrorist. We went up a couple of floors and knocked on a door.

    "David opened it and gave me a big smile. He closed the door behind me and said of the security, ‘Look, I'm really sorry. That's just the way it is. Would you like a cup of tea?" Becks told Sarah that United boss Alex Ferguson always made sure alcohol was taken out of mini-bars.

    "It was a bit awkward at first," she said. "I sat in a chair and he sat on the bed, the TV was on. Then I said, ‘Well, now what?' Without saying anything, he gently took my hand and led me to the bed. He lay down and asked me to lie down too."

    As she settled on to the coverlet, Sarah noticed a card on the table from the hotel. It read: "Welcome David Beckham. Please give our best wishes to your wife and child."

    She had little time to feel uncomfortable. "After a few seconds he started kissing me," she said.

    The couple then spun around so that, while they were still pressing their hips together, his feet were in front of her head and his hands could slide up her cargo pants.

    "I liked it," she said. "Then he started kissing my legs before he turned me round again and started kissing my hair and neck. He said he loved my neck and kept saying how beautiful and long it was. I was becoming very aroused.


    "Then he gave me a very slow full body massage. It was so sexy. He kept saying he loved my long legs.

    "He slid his hand inside my trousers and said he thought the fabric of my knickers felt nice. ‘Can I see them?' he asked.

    "By now I certainly wanted him to see them. I sat astride him and began to explore his body too. I could feel he was very aroused.

    "We fantasised on the bed about having sex. I told him I'd like to be taken by surprise and to be made love to fast and furious while he held my face in his hands. It made him more and more excited.

    "He said he wanted to make love to me and said if I did, I'd never want another man. But it wasn't cheesy, it was wonderful.

    "Our hands were everywhere, inside each other's clothes. Then he took my top off and when we were both naked we made love. It was perfect, really passionate.

    "I've no idea how long it lasted-when you're in bed with David Beckham you're not looking at the clock, believe me. He liked to be on top and that was absolutely fine by me."


    Sarah, who now lives in Australia, added: "He said he felt he'd been hit by a sledgehammer from the first time he saw me. He said he loved the way I tied my hair back."

    His other mistress Rebecca Loos also recalls being impressed by the compliments he showered on her too.

    But Sarah thought every word was for her. It was 3am before she was ready to go home and asked for the bodyguard to return her belongings.

    "David wanted me to stay the night," she said-echoing another line he would regularly give Rebecca, "but I needed to be on my own to get my head together."

    Today Becks is expected to play for Real Madrid against Atletico Osasuna, and Posh plans to be there to see him in another choreographed show of unity. But Sarah has hundreds of text messages which show that unity is flawed.

    She said: "The first time he said he loved me was after we spoke on the phone and he said he didn't think the lines were safe so he'd send a text. He sent one saying, ‘I love you'.

    She had no idea then that the next time they'd have sex would be on the other side of the world-with Becks' team mates just feet away...


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    Bend it like Beckham?
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      Originally posted by Crackless McCracken@Apr 10 2004, 08:41 PM
      Bend it like Beckham?
      You beat me to it :P :P
      Make America Great For Once.


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        Uh, we'll be needing pictures, and your link doesn't work.

        Dude. Can. Fly.


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          The link should work now.


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            Becks seems to like the rail-thin body type. Not bad.
            Dude. Can. Fly.


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              Damn, her ears look like flapjacks stuck to her head.


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                It's been 'front page' news here since early last week, even in the Times.

                Look......if a wife decides she's not going to live with her husband, whether or not he's as famous or desired by women as young Becks is, what can Victoria expect?

                It's just stupid and the coverage here has been, for a change, borderline hilarious, rather than indignant. A sign of that is the Express today who ran a pole where 70% side with David.

                He played with Real tonight, they were losing 3 - nil at last glance but seemed on form. Apparently he is outside of the pitch too. After looking at her miserable face, I can see why.


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                  I'd hit it.

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                    I second the hittage.



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                      Why this guy got married is beyond me..

                      The most "adored" athelete in the world...

                      And he decides to marry Posh Spice...

                      Wake up and realise he was the De-facto Generallisimo of Trim...

                      Not really shocking...

                      And..Real Madrid lost 0-3 at home in the Bernabau


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                        Originally posted by Indu WangZi@Apr 11 2004, 07:35 PM
                        Why this guy got married is beyond me..

                        The most "adored" athelete in the world...

                        And he decides to marry Posh Spice...

                        Wake up and realise he was the De-facto Generallisimo of Trim...

                        Not really shocking...

                        And..Real Madrid lost 0-3 at home in the Bernabau
                        There were at least 3 better Spice Girls to choose from.
                        Dude. Can. Fly.