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Kfns to be sold--is this old news?

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  • Kfns to be sold--is this old news?

    First I heard of it---according to the St. Louis Journalism Review, a columm by Joe Sonderman. "a handful of vocal sports nuts has been blasting the current owners of kfns. These people will apparently get their wish for a regime change." The transaction will be complete in a few months. "Some of the more outspoken critics say that President Greg Maracek is unwilling to spend money to improve Fans 590. But it's always easy for armchair quarterbacks to spend other people's money..." Who are these sports nuts and armchair quarterbacks this production co-ordinator from kmox (Sonderman) is referring to?

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    If it is old news, can you refer me to a thread that discussed it?


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      It's definately old news...I don't know where the thread about it might be though...I think I read it in the St. Louis Business Journal a couple of weeks ago...
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        IMO, the lack of responses has more to do with how many people feel about the quality of that station.

        I've had the great fortune of having traveled to alot of cities. I like listening to the local all-sports stations. To me, KFNS is the absolute worst, by far, of all the stations I've had the opprotunity to hear.
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