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  • Jeff Gordon: not funny

    It's one thing to not be funny. But it takes it to another level when you are so not funny that you post another guy's work and it is even less funny than you would normally be.

    Check this out and let me know if any of these are close to being humorous.


    Tipsheet co-conspirator Jim Hunstein returned with his "Top 12 Georgia Tech Excuses." They included:

    * They had UConn in their pools.

    * Up late working on term papers (it's half our grade).

    * Distracted by coming up with words you could spell with "Emeka Okafor" ("reek of a mako" for instance).

    * Coach left early to beat the traffic.

    * Worried about how their fantasy baseball picks did on Opening Day.

    * Who can concentrate with all those whistles?

    * We're not called the Rambling Wreck for nothing.

    * It's true; if you're not the lead Husky, the scenery doesn't change.

    * According to Dan Patrick, "Ga" is a choking sound.

    * Like most of America, we quit paying attention at the half.

    * Instead of applause on the PA system, our guys pumped in turkey gobbling.
    Dude. Can. Fly.

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    Those were all considerably stupid. Hard to believe that Gordo felt that it was worthy enough to put in his column. Says a lot about him as a writer.
    “I’ve always stated, ‘I’m a Missouri Tiger,’” Anderson said March 13 after Arkansas fired John Pelphrey, adding, “I’m excited about what’s taking place here.”

    Asked then if he would talk to his players about the situation, he said, “They know me, and that’s where the trust comes in.