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    My brother is a decorated firefighter w/ 13 years experience. He has participated in numerous search and rescue operations, including the WTC. He has personally saved 4 children and has the burns on his arms to prove it.

    He applied at Black Jack and was told that he " wasn't what they were looking for." He later found out that 2 women w/ less than a years service moved on in the hiring process.

    He sent a letter to the chief in Berkeley asking why he had been passed over in the past for a position. The chief called my brother and accused him of being a racist.

    Now, I realize that any buisness/city/employer can hire whomever they want. I have no problem w/ that. But what is more important....hiring someone who is black or a woman to meet quotas or hiring the best people possible? Especailly in a profession as serious as firefighting? Would you sleep better in Black Jack or in Berkelely knowing that you've met your quota? Or would you rest easier knowing you had the best people on call ready to protect you?

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    Being classified as a black male, even though I'm of mixed heritage, I find the quota system to have overstayed it's time. There was a time period from the mid 60's through probably the mid 80's, where it was needed. Afterall, many blacks were previosly shut out of employment simply based upon their skin color. However, I do think a twenty year time period was enough time to allow blacks and other minorities the opprotunity to prove themselves in the workforce to be on an equal plane with their white counterparts.
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      That's pretty ridiculous. If I were a resident of Black Jack, I'd be raising hell.


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        I wanted to write a letter to the Post but he told me to drop it. Apparently you can get backballed rather easily in his profession.

        I wonder what a letter to the city council would do?


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          Get laughed at, then shredded?

          Where the heck is Black Jack, anyway?

          The quota system might have had its place, like Kev said, but this is an example of where it's absolutely asinine.


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            Black Jack is up north, around 367, and north of Bellfontanie. Old Rosary High school. That area.

            He lives down south but he was going for higher pay. he has another job that pays very well. Since he only works nine days a month (the bum) he has the oppertunity to keep two jobs.


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              It's possible they hired the less qualified people because they figured it'd save them money as well....

              But I agree with the principle....quotas and affirmative action are no better than the same discrimination they claim to be against.
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                On many occasions employers will kill two birds with one stone, by hiring a black female. So, alot of times the black male is also shut out.
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                  Same thing happened to my brother a few years ago by the STL police dept. (unofficially of course) 8 out of 10 new hires have to be minorities. Minority being defined as anyone but a white man.
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