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    Some notes from the morning skates (PST) held today at HP Pavilion ... for you to read while you're no doubt watching Yankees On Trial. Um. I see the Mellanby thing is in here already, but there was another switch today in the lineup:

    - Mike Danton is in.

    - Playing a hunch, Kitchen has removed Mark Rycroft from the lineup and will play pest Danton, who has been on the outs for the last couple weeks here. Kitchen wants the "energy".

    - Mellanby is out with an injury stemming from the hit Saturday in Nashville. (His teeth are all fixed.) He felt better today, but he's out. Eric Boguniecki is in. But don't expect a true second line -- Weight will have Savage on one wing and likely a rotation of wings on the other.

    - Why the rotation?

    - Kitchen wants to get Keith Tkachuk on as many lines as possible. Keep him in constant rotation so Kitchen can determine the matchups and possibly free the winger from the defense. Rathje has been a pain for Tkachuk in the past.

    - As far as the defense: The Blues are dressing the young guys. Matt Walker and Christian Backman will both be in the lineup. This is a bit of a departure as many of you know. Yesterday there was the faint hint that Jeff Finley would replace one of them to up the vet quotient. That didn't happen.

    - Sharks have more Stanley Cups winners in their dressing room than the Blues do, three to two. Can you name them? (Edited, b/c I errored in describing the way to count. Also, to be fair, keep in mind, this is healthy players.)

    - Foold is much better than Ghould or Ghoold. It's wittier.

    - Disco Veeck is on the stand.

    - But Blues have waaaaaay more postseason appearances, 1,152 to 727.

    - The going word around the rink is if you're looking for the unexpected contributors in this series here are some names: Jonathan Cheechoo (how can he be unexpected? he's more expected in my book), Alyn McCauley, Alex Korolyuk, Mike Sillinger, Petr Cajanek. I'm thinking Cajanek is the best bet on the Blues side. He's done well in San Jose in the past -- mainly because the speed at which the Sharks like to play across the rink favors many of Cajanek's skills.

    - Good info on the 2 vs. 7 seed stuff.

    - So the Blues and Osgood have that much in common: The Blues still have Owen Nolan's mid-ice shot in their mind's eye and Osgood, regardless of what he says about the matter, can still recall the Baker goal. Both the Blues and Osgood's Wings were the first seed when they lost to the eighth seed Sharks on bad, bad goals.

    - Some folks think San Jose isn't just going to win this series, but win the West.

    More if I think of it. Yankees are back on trial.

    From Silicon Valley,


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    Mr. G

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    From an old average player to a young average player...that's a plus...I think

    "Can't buy what I want because it's free...
    Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
    -- Pearl Jam, from the single Corduroy


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      at least he brings some speed. I'm tired of watching Mellanby struggle up and down the rink


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        I think they scratched Mellanby because he forgot his wheelchair.

        Plus it doesn't hurt having a little shit disturber out there to try and draw penalties and bang around the boards....God knows Low would never do that.