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    I'm sad the discussion of this died away. Maybe I'm the only loser who has time to play video games. In my defense, my wife is out of town, so what else am I gonna do?

    Anyway, I started a new Dynasty with the Cards after I made all the fixes I saw necessary- Womack, trading Kerry Robinson, releasing Vaughn, sending Bo Hart down to AAA, creating Ray Lankford, Hector Luna & Cody McKay. I modeled Lankford after Reggie Sanders' numbers, switched for lefties of course, Luna roughly after Marlon Anderson and McKay is a lesser version of Matheny. Playing on All-Star I'm 2-0 after the first two v. Milwaukee. I was hoping to catch up to the real season and play the third game, but it took me so long to fix the damn rosters it was too late.

    Oh, I also switched Jason Marquis and Danny Haren. Marquis just doesn't look ready to me, hehe. My rotation is:




    My lineup is:

    Womack 2b
    Lankford LF
    Pujols 1b
    Edmonds CF
    Rolen 3b
    Renteria SS
    Sanders RF
    Matheny C

    I may use Cedeno or Taguchi v. lefties, but I hate platooning guys Also have McKay, Anderson, and Luna on the bench.

    First game, Morris got hit a little and I was down 2-1 in the 9th. Reggie Sanders hit a walk-off 3 run HR for the win. Morris, Eldred, and Tavarez (w) pitched.

    Second game, Williams got hit a LOT, but Renteria made 3 incredible diving plays (there were far more missed on both sides, so I thought it was pretty realistic) and I turned 3 double plays (Womack is great at avoiding the runner, though I still haven't seen any jumping up over, he just side steps) Anyway, the Brewers out hit me 8 to 4, but I won the game 1-0. Williams (w) went 6 innings and Ray King & Tavarez finished, King getting the save.

    I've had this game for about 2 weeks now and I must say, I'm EXTREMELY pleased with it- the realism is quite high, IMO. Now, this is the first baseball sim I've really played since Triple Play on SEGA, hehe. Still, if I could get all the mods and updates to work properly, stuff that would only increase the realism level for me, I'd start my Dynasty over any time.

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    You could have downloaded rosters identical to the real thing and saved time.

    I love the game.

    I cant trade for Cedeno because of his contract. I dont have the budget for it.

    He sucks so bad anyway, I dont want him.
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      I've tried to dl rosters, even got the official patch, but either I don't put them in the right place to recognize or they just don't have the updates for the Cards. Where'd you get your Jack?


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        I dont have the pc version

        007 knows where to go
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          God dammnit Jack. The thread title even says PC. Quit toying with my emotions