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Uggie Charged with Murder!!

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  • Uggie Charged with Murder!!

    Urbina Charged With Attempted Murder
    CARACAS, Venezuela -
    Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Ugueth Urbina was arrested on a charge of attempted murder after he and a group of men allegedly attacked several employees at his family home using machetes and trying to set them on fire, police said Tuesday.

    Urbina, who was detained late Monday, has insisted he had nothing to do with the violence that broke out at his home last month. Five workers were injured in the incident, and one of them suffered burns on the back and right arm, police said.

    One of the five, Argenis Farias, has accused Urbina of being among several men who threatened the workers with machetes and poured gasoline on them in an attempt to set them afire.

    Urbina's lawyer has said the pitcher was sleeping at the time and was not involved. The authorities said Urbina would be formally charged soon once he appears before a judge. [/b][/quote]


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    And we thought Kline was a crazy motherfucker.


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      QUOTE(Iowa_Card @ Nov 8 2005, 09:09 AM) Quoted post
      And we thought Kline was a crazy motherfucker. [/b][/quote]

      Apparently Kline is "normal"
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          WHERE WAS WALT?!

          No, really, where was he on the night in question? Does he have a solid alibi?