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anybody watch Curb Your Enthusiasm?

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  • anybody watch Curb Your Enthusiasm?

    This rivals Chapelle Show for funniest show on TV right now. Larry David is too big of a prick sometimes, but it sure as hell makes for comedic gold. The one on HBO right now is classic.

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    I watch it, and it's hilariously uncomfortable. Great show.

    My favorite moment recently: Larry picks up a prostitute so he can use the car pool lane to get to the Dodger game quickly.


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      One of the few quality programs on television today. Larry David is a comic genious.
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        I love that show. My wife didnt used to like since she said that everybody was always yelling at each other, I had to explain to her that everybody is yelling at Larry. The dude is a nimrod. Funny as hell. Then we she started watching it she looked over at me and says, "This sounds an awful lot like Seinfeld". I started laughing and explained to her that he wrote the show.
        One of my favorite shows currently on television.
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