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  • Lovie/Mooch

    Any explanation for the sequence of calls and decisions in the Chicago vs. Detroit game?

    As best I can figure it, Garcia drops back to pass, as he is being hit, throws the ball to the left side, it bounces Chicago picks it up and returns it for a touchdown. No whistle, no stoppage of play. It's called a TD, assumed ruling a backward pass. Mooch challenges, they confer, never go to video, call it incomplete and give Detroit the ball. So now Lovie has to challenge, loses on a still questionable call, because weight of evidence had shifted from the original call. Cost a timeout.

    Any explanation from home fans that get more coverage would be great.
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    The thought process was probably "Anything that gets this game to end is the right call."
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      It's worse than that - they didn't throw the flag indicating 'intentional grounding' until they had been talking to Mariucci for about three minutes. I do think he (Mariucci) was going to challange the call, and as two of the refs huddled with him on the sideline, at one point, one guy pulls the flag and throws it, thereby changing the ruling on the field after having an extended conversation with the coach.

      I'm guessing Mariucci must have been on the field as another official, because the way that play went down was pathetic.

      And I think, in the end, the right call was made as I think the ball did go forward by about 1/2 a yard.
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