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  • Ever Hit a Deer?

    Cruising along in my car this morning, minding my own business - I was even doing the speed limit and paying attention - and whammo! I hit a fucking deer. And it was no glancing blow either. Fucker hit my right front fender, flipped up and hit my windshield flush right in the middle of the driver's side.

    I careen to a stop in the middle of the street. Rear-view mirror is in the back seat. Airbag didn't deploy since it didn't hit my bumper. I'm covered in glass, but otherwise unscathed.

    Before exiting the car I check to verify that I have neither wet nor soiled myself. Check, and double check. Get out of the car and see that my right front fender is crushed, and the entire windshield is spider-webbed. Guy behind me stops, calls the police and tells me that three deer ran out from behind a group of trees, so at least I know that there was nothing I could do.

    Unfortunately, the impact did not kill the the deer immediately, and I watched it go through its final death throes in the road. And what pisses me off the most is that I live in an area with a high deer population, and I am always careful on this particular stretch of road because there are always deer around. Truly sad situation to have been involved in its death. But then, I'm such a swish that I cry every time I watch Beaches.

    Cop told me that I was lucky. My windshield has a relatively shallow angle, dissipating some of the energy of the deer, and that it was a relatively small deer (120-130 lbs.). He was cool but some woman came out of her house and started berating the cop about kids speeding on the road and hitting deer and driving off. I thanked her for the compliment, but I assured her that I was really 36. Cop liked that one. I also didn't have my most recent insurance card with me, and he was cool about that too. Figured my day was bad enough, having killed a deer and my car, that tossing a $500 fine on top of that would be adding insult to injury.

    I am going to call those fucks at AAA though. The tow truck driver who came to get my car wouldn't even drop me off at my house, less than a mile away. I pay for the gold membership, and that asshole is required to take me AND my car up to 100 fucking miles if I want. Somebody at AAA is going to get a ration of shit from me today, fo' damn sho'.

    I tell you though, keeps your head in the game when you realize how close you came to checking out. 120 lb. deer coming through your windshield at a good clip could put you very easily on your way to a Weekend at Bernie's.

    Thank you. I feel better.


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    They are tasty, though.


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      Where's that picture of the crying baby?

      Seriously, Moon, glad you're OK. It's a huge problem up here in Iowa. You see dead deer carcasses along the road everywhere that have been hit by somebody. And you're right -- they can nail you even when you're trying to pay attention.
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        We almost lost Moon.

        36 years old? Damn. That figures.

        I knew you were an old fart.
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          Everyone in my family has hit one. One of the worst things ever. A product of having to drive through Busch Wildlife area to get home. My mom had one actually jump out and hit the side of her vehicle. Best practice is to lay on the horn from the moment you see the thing. All those whistles, flashing reflectors, and other gimmicks are worthless. MODOT decided to put reflectors on metal sticks about every 25 yards through Busch about 10 years ago. All they did was more damage to your car when you swerved off the road to miss the deer.


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              So the Lesbo Limosine has a busted grill.


              That's one tough bitch, though.

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                I have and it scared the shit out of me. I was living in NC at the time and the deer there on the coast are like comparing greyhounds to chiwawas. They are so small out there. The head of the deer hit the left front headlight and the body came around and smacked the drivers side door. It did a little damage but not much really though other than scare the shit out of me.

                I forgot that I have had a deer HIT me and not me hit it. I was driving to Earth City. Prngr44 was with me and we made the exit off 70 and I just hear a BOOM on the left passenger door to the car. Prngr44 looks and sees that a deer hit it head on apparently. I pull over and the deer is gone but I got a nice little dent on the door from the head butt. A few months later when it got cold, the dent came out.
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                  Good to hear you're OK. A deer can really fuck up a car.

                  My friend had a new grand cherokee totaled by a deer.

                  Funny story: I was at the BMW dealership getting some work done on the old car and noticed a 7 series in the back with the roof completely caved a V like pattern. I asked the service guy "What happened?"
                  He said "A guy was driving home down Mason road and clipped a deer that then landed on the roof.....but that's nothing. Look at the car next to it."
                  I looked at that one, at it looked like it had been in a minor accident, some slight damage to the front pasenger side, but nothing too bad. I told him it didn't look too bad.

                  He told me that that car was actually the dealership's car. They had loaned it to the driver of the first car....and he hit another deer on the way home.
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                    Twice. Once on Pine Grove road in Steamboat, a glancing blow which was lucky, because I was in a Fiat Spider. The other time was just North of Boulder on the way to Lyons, and at night. Nine or ten of them ran out in front of the car, and I nailed two. Fortunately I was in a Volvo that time. One of them hit the windshield and went over the car.

                    It's an incredibly dangerous thing to have happen to you. After the 2nd time I put these little plastic devices that allegedly warn off deer my front bumper. I don't know what they're called, but they're like a high pitched whistle, I guess, and they've worked so far (15 years) or I've just been lucky.
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                      Look like this???

                      I agree with Davhaf.....Kaiser March 9,2004

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                        glad you're okay. Have fun with AAA. I am fighting with my insurance company over a few days of car rental (they want to pay most but not all). Assholes.
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                          QUOTE(lasvegasreb @ Oct 28 2005, 10:13 AM) Quoted post

                          We almost lost Moon.

                          36 years old? Damn. That figures.

                          I knew you were an old fart.


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                            I almost hit one about a month ago. Fucker missed the driver side bumper by less than a foot.

                            Deer are the dumbest animals alive.

                            Glad to hear you're ok.
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                              QUOTE(Guppy @ Oct 28 2005, 10:17 AM) Quoted post

                              Sometimes elections have positive consequences!