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Ever wanted to see life through the eyes of a deer?

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  • Ever wanted to see life through the eyes of a deer?

    Tiny camera gives Mizzou researchers a deer's-eye view
    By Margaret Gillerman

    Some Missouri deer are leaping through the autumn woods with something other than antlers on their heads this fall. They're wearing a "DeerCam" - a tiny camera that's the newest research tool for learning about deer behavior.

    Researchers at the University of Missouri at Columbia have attached the tiny wireless video cameras to three deer and so far have filmed 200 hours of video. The purpose is to learn more about what they eat, how they groom each other, and how they play, fight and breed.

    The DeerCam videos will be posted on an Internet site for public viewing, so people can see the world through a deer's eyes. Robert Thomas, a spokesman for the Missouri Extension Service, said the cameras give "an up-close and personal look of not only how deer see their world, but how they behave when we aren't looking and how they perceive each other."

    The university is working closely with the Missouri Department of Conservation and has gotten a $1 million National Science Foundation grant for this first-of-its-kind study. Josh Millspaugh, assistant professor of natural resources, is heading up the team. Those involved in the study say the DeerCam may help the state determine the best way to manage the deer population - and may help prevent deer-auto collisions. Missouri has about 1 million deer.

    Millspaugh said that until now researchers have had to use remote techniques that do not explain "why" the deer responds a certain way. The study took place at the 10-acre Charles W. Green Memorial Conservation Area near Ashland.

    The deer were tranquilized first, and then the battery-run cameras with miniature transmitters were mounted in the antlers of two bucks. A female deer wore a neck-mounted camera.

    Millspaugh said he was surprised by the amount of interaction among the deer. "They were in constant contact with one another," he said.
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    In a related story, Moon killed the deer this morning.
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      QUOTE(Johnny H @ Oct 28 2005, 02:35 PM) Quoted post

      In a related story, Moon killed the deer this morning.

      I saw it from the deer's perspective.

      Those headlights are truly mesmerizing.
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        It's like a frickin' laser!

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          Don't know about the others, but I do know the last thing that a certain deer saw before it met its untimely demise.



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            I'm an outdoorsman, so this really intrigues me. My first thought in hearing about it was 'wow, that's reall cool' then when I saw the image of the deer outfitted with the device I'm thinking... how the hell is going to get any deertang?

            They had to outfit them after the buck lost its velvet, but during the rut they 'ram charge' each other a lot. I'm thinking we're going to quite a bit of funding going towards replacing those cameras after a few dick swinging contests between bucks.

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              PETA interfering in 3....2....1....