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Pain and suffering at NSBB

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  • Pain and suffering at NSBB

    Using a comparison with the Red Sox, Yankees, and their respective fans, I liked Bill Simmons' use of having the Yankees being your top rival in high school who always got the hottest women, seemed to have everything easy in life, ended up going to a top college, and pushed you around at his leisure.

    The comparison in Chicago is that the White Sox was the obnoxious jerk at your high school who was dumb as a box of rocks, was not particularly well-liked by most people in high school, and who made a habit of picking fights and stuffing people into lockers. After he graduated, he went into a dead end job, became an alcoholic, and now spends his days engaging in schaudenfreude, reveling in the misery of others despite being a drunken, fat loser himself.

    Only now he's won the lottery.

    That's pretty much how I feel right now.

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    Hi. My Name Is Earl.

    And now I'm rich and you're not. Deal.
    The noise was good, but I thought they phoned in a lot of the funk.

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        What a bunch of bitter, fucking whiners.

        I used to like the Cubs as a secondary team. Every day that passes, I get more and more sick of all things Cubs related.
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          Cuck the Fubs, baby...Cuck 'em.


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            This takes the sting out of the Stros' losing.

            Ah, the the winter of a Cubs fan's discontent.
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