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Barry Hinson: wants media to pump up The Valley

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  • Barry Hinson: wants media to pump up The Valley

    Heard talking with Tom Ackerman this evening on the
    Mighty Mox. Hinson says he "challenged" the media to
    be The Sound of Music and sing their song. Or something
    silly like that. He says Doug Elgen does a great job
    promoting the league. But the media needs
    to step up and do more, for them.

    Memo to Coach Hinson: (don't call me Barry [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif[/img] )
    You don't seem understand the role of the media. It's not
    to jock your school or your league. That's the job of your coaches,
    players, and league admin people to place you on the map.
    Win and you'll get the recognition you desire. I have no problem
    with SMS...uhhhh...I mean Missouri State. But c'mon. What are
    you talking about coach. Pump up your league? You gotta be
    kidding me.

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    Don't mind Barry. I know what he probably means, and his comments should probably be toward the likes of ESPN, etc. The Valley is just a "mid major" (whatever that is) in most peoples eyes and anyone associated with the league - fans, coaches, players, whoever - know that on any given night, the top teams from the Valley can compete with a majority of teams known as "majors"

    But Barry also is known for saying some of the weirdest things so who knows where he may have come from with this.


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      By the way...the tide has started to change...

      This year, the Valley championship game will be on CBS instead of Fox Sports Midwest.

      Nationwide coverage from CBS vs. Fox Sports' Regional Coverage. A definite step in the right direction.


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        < comments should probably be toward the likes of ESPN, etc.>>

        ESPN (i.e. Vitale) loves the ACC and Big East they way
        they love the Yankees and Red Sox. You'll never get around
        that. Best thing to do is hook up with one of the other cable
        networks such as FSN Midwest. As they've done in the past.
        Or as you said DB, getting the MVC title game on CBS. Definitely
        a step in the right direction. But don't expect any assistance from
        Bristol, Conn........


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          Burrah needs work on his coaching skills before anything. MSU has just as much, if not more talent in the Valley than anyone. When they start to consistently win ball games, they notoriety will come.
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