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Definitive article on the Iraq War, the reasons behind it & our Incompetent POTUS' administration

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  • Definitive article on the Iraq War, the reasons behind it & our Incompetent POTUS' administration

    We, the People vs. Zionism "The "neo-conservative" cloak worn by Zionists in the US is designed to bring legitimacy to a political, economic and social ideology called Zionism that is repugnant to most people who are not Jewish, and also to a growing number of Jews." "International politics are conducted by the media in today’s world. Israel must win this war."


    Exactly what Zionism is or is not, does not seem to be of much interest to many Americans who are accustomed to hearing the word "Zionism" in respect to the Biblical idea, and who perhaps have not made the connection between Zionism and neo-conservatism in the United States. Unsavory Zionist ideologues and propagandist among Evangelicals and the Christian right have made a point of purposely blurring any distinctions between spiritual Zion, and the Jewish supremacist ideology called Zionism. They do this hoping to keep America’s faithful pumping their hard earned tax dollars, and charity into Israel, with false claims that Israel is Biblical Zion, and that Zionism is a messianic message.

    Outside of the church, the US corporate media, owned and operated by leading Zionists, also do their part to keep the general public off balance on this identity issue. They make it a point to steer any public scrutiny or criticism of Zionist political misconduct in the US towards non-Jewish elected officials. The media does this, perhaps hoping that all questions that might lead to the discovery that Zionism is a political theory that has adherents who are operating in our government, might be avoided. Creating even more confusion is the fact that Zionist operatives in our government and their supporters are called "neo-conservatives" instead of Zionist. They are called this even though their political outlook is uniquely liberal, and most are former democrats who are fanatically loyal to the idea of a Jewish State that is exclusively for Jews. One of neo-conservatism’s, or rather one of Zionism’s leading American intellectuals, Professor Harvey Mansfield of Harvard University, admitted in an interview on Book TV that he is actually a liberal, and changed his political veneer only upon recommendation of some "neo-conservative" colleagues.

    When it comes to Zionist activism, and indeed they have organizations that clearly and unashamedly promote Zionism, and that seek to protect the supreme Zionist initiative, which is Israel, there is no ambiguity about who they are, and what their objectives are. Their activism is protected in the United States by our Constitution that protects the right to have ideas, to organize around those ideas, and to raise funds, to associate and even to assemble and speak, so long as such activity stays within certain bounds. The Constitution does not protect the violation of the constitutional rights of others, libel and slander, and defamation. It does not protect seditious speech, or encouragement of treasonous behavior. Representatives of these organizations regularly appear in US Congressional hearings to recommend that our US Constitution be ignored, subjected to novel interpretations, and that the rights of certain groups, i.e., Muslims, be either curtailed, or eliminated all together. Whereas they will do anything and everything to promote and secure the so-called right for an exclusively "Jewish State" to exist, they vehemently oppose any semblance of religion in the US, except of course Judaism. They have made it their life’s work to prevent the establishment of an Islamic state anywhere in the world, and have led a defamation campaign against Islam and Muslims for years, that is very similar to the Cold war that the US waged against communism. Still, they are not the big problem. The bigger problem facing the American people is that we have Zionists in our government who are not identified as such. Rather, they have cloaked themselves under the mantle of true conservatism, while accommodating their unique worldview by claiming to be "neo" or new conservatives. This is more than merely a political hoax. It is a dangerous deception, since its primary purpose has been to mislead the American people to believe that neo-conservatives are in fact a legitimate political grouping that adheres to, and seeks to advance a traditional American political outlook that is popular, and that is consistent with conservative values. The exact opposite is true. Neo-conservatives are actually the political arm of international Zionism, or Jewish supremacism, operating here in the United States. Their political outlook is anything but traditionally American, and is void of any appearance of American values.

    The "neo-conservative" cloak worn by Zionists in the US is designed to bring legitimacy to a political, economic and social ideology called Zionism that is repugnant to most people who are not Jewish, and also to a growing number of Jews.

    In June of 2004, H’aretz, one of Israel’s leading newspapers published an article, "Do not have children if they will not be healthy." In the article the writer bemoans the racist underpinnings of Zionism and the Zionist goal to perfect the Jewish race through eugenics. What she wrote also brings to mind the Hurricane Katrina debacle, and the reports of euthanasia and other strange occurrences that occurred in New Orleans following the storm. The author, Tamara Traubman wrote,

    Castrating the mentally ill, encouraging reproduction among families "numbered among the intelligentsia" and limiting the size of families of "Eastern origin" and "preventing…lives that lack purpose"-these proposals are not far from the Third Reich, but were brought up by key figures in the Zionist establishment of the land of Israel. There was a great deal of enthusiasm here for the improvement of the hereditary characteristics of a particular race (Jews).

    Since Zionism is a racial supremacism, it cannot fit easily, neatly or legitimately into the mainstream of US political thought and activity. Indeed, according to US law, much of the Zionist ideology and agenda is illegal since it is blatantly racist and discriminatory. It is contrary to everything that the US professes to stand for. Zionism’s ideological premise is anathema to our founding ideals and philosophy, which is that all people, and not only Jewish people, were given rights by the Creator, and that all people are equally interdependent, and share common imperfections in our humanness. By contrast the Talmud, which is their book of guidance, says that there must be two laws, one for Jews, and another for inferior non-Jews.

    The need to appear legitimate is extremely important to a movement whose ideals are so abhorrent, and starkly offensive to the American ideal. Zionist could never win an election, and so that they can only govern, or rule by stealth, or rather by proxy, through non-Jewish elected officials who lend them not only intellectual legitimacy, but also the political legitimacy that is earned through the elections process. They are the incarnation of mythical "Grimerwormtongues," wretches who secretly rule, and overturn Kingdoms by merely sitting close to the king, into whose ears they pump flatteries and lies, and upon whom they cast magic spells, a metaphor for very effectual propaganda.

    The legitimacy of a governing authority, and its accountability to the voting populace are part of what distinguish representative governments from tyrannies and totalitarian regimes, and why Zionist cannot operate openly in our government. Has anyone noticed that over every major neo-con operative in the White House, there is a powerful elected official that serves as a "buck stops here" buffer that keeps the unaccountable neo-cons from public scrutiny and accountability, and free to operate, and it also ironically keeps their shields mostly silent? Remember that unfortunate homosexual governor of New Jersey? His resignation was a falling upon the sword that should have been honored, since by resigning and telling his own story he took power away from a Zionist insider who was possibly undermining the security of the state of New Jersey. Instead of being seen for what it was, this act of bravery was treated as a "gay outing" by the media, and trivialized as a sex scandal.

    Only the Pentagon had no such shield over neo-cons, Douglas Feith, Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, who were supposedly under Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s authority. Rumsfeld is not an elected official. Now, (watch this) once the Valerie Plame investigation spread beyond the White House to the Pentagon, the media reports that Vice President Cheney, and not Rumsfeld was actually overseeing the flow of pre-war intelligence, and decision making for the Pentagon leading up to the Iraq war. That change in authority lines Cheney up to take the fall once the people begin to demand explanations for the needless deaths of our children in war in Iraq, a war that was premised upon a lie. Accountability makes politicians vulnerable to public sentiment, and guess what else? It gives credibility to public policies that are formulated, and implemented, recommended and advocated by our elected officials. To be accountable is a check upon power, which means that public policies are legitimized by the fact that a legitimately elected public official, who represents the people, and is accountable to them, oversaw the development and implementation of the policy. Since policy failure is not a crime, the most that elected officials, who in most legal cases also enjoy some type of immunity, can be blamed for is poor judgement. Zionist underling operatives are never charged or accused of anything at all. Ironically, or perhaps conveniently, most neo-con underlings are career employees that man their posts regardless of which party is elected to lead the country, and they are hired, and moved up the ranks, usually by recommendation, and not job performance. A good example is the former head of FEMA. Michael Brown was recommended by Joseph Lieberman, a Zionist and a Democrat, and appointed to that job during the reign of a Republican administration, even though he was not qualified by most accounts.