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Cashman likely to stay w/ Yanks

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  • Cashman likely to stay w/ Yanks

    October 25, 2005
    Signals Suggest Cashman Will Remain With Yankees

    HOUSTON, Oct. 24 - Brian Cashman may announce his intention to return as the Yankees' general manager as early as Tuesday. Cashman's contract expires next Monday, but he has interviewed coaching candidates for the Yankees in recent weeks and has given no internal signals that he intends to leave.

    A person who works for a major league team and spoke with Cashman recently said that he would be shocked if Cashman decided to leave. The person requested anonymity because he did not want to betray Cashman's confidence and because Cashman has not announced his intentions.

    Larry Bowa, who is poised to become the Yankees' third-base coach, said Monday that he spoke with Cashman on Saturday and did not know if he would return.

    "He should be playing poker on ESPN," Bowa said. "He's really been close to the vest, believe me."

    The Yankees have made it clear in public that they want Cashman back, and they have also communicated that to him. The team's general partner, Steve Swindal, the son-in-law of George Steinbrenner, the principal owner, has handled negotiations with Cashman, and the financial parameters of any new contract seem unlikely to be a sticking point for him.

    Swindal said Saturday that the Yankees' first priority was to re-sign Cashman, who could be encouraged by the growing authority of Swindal, whom Steinbrenner has named as his successor to run the Yankees. Swindal is not considered to be meddlesome, a famous trait of his father-in-law that has grated on Cashman.

    Cashman, who would be a strong candidate for the general manager opening in Philadelphia, may want assurances from Steinbrenner that he would listen more to him and less to his advisers in Tampa, Fla. Manager Joe Torre reached an understanding with Steinbrenner on that point, though Torre conceded that he could not ask Steinbrenner to guarantee that he would change his ways.

    Cashman and Swindal did not return phone calls Monday seeking comment.

    The Yankees will not announce their coaching changes until they resolve Cashman's status, but Lee Mazzilli will replace Joe Girardi as bench coach and Bowa will take over for Luis Sojo at third base.

    Bowa said Steinbrenner was "the only guy I've never met in baseball," but he added that he would be unfazed by working for a boss who will pay close attention whenever a Yankee is thrown out at the plate.

    "If you get a guy thrown out and it's not a good play, you should expect to get ripped," Bowa said. "That's the way it is. I've been raised that way. When you screw up, fess up to it."

    Ron Guidry seems to be a top choice to replace Mel Stottlemyre as the pitching coach, particularly if the White Sox do not grant permission to the Yankees to talk to Don Cooper after the World Series.

    Sojo could take over as the first-base coach if he wants the job. Roy White held the position the past two seasons.

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