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The Red Bird Express 2005 - Long read - Epic Poem

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  • The Red Bird Express 2005 - Long read - Epic Poem

    The Red Bird Express 2005

    The Suicide Kings


    When last seen
    On a national stage
    Our hero's where being swept
    By the Red Sox Brigade

    So 105 victories
    And then seven more
    Was only enough to get
    To the Championship door

    When the final out was made
    By Edgar the smooth
    A really sweet season
    Was sent to the moon

    And the postscript on it
    Went something like this
    Cardinals played scared
    And that's why they missed

    That was the talk
    By the national press
    They said Tony's boy's choked
    When it came to the final test

    Well one mans choke
    Is another man's excuse
    And in St. Louis
    Most felt those 4 games were flukes

    But we couldn't change the past
    And the present was soon pressing
    What would Walt and Tony do
    To keep the opposition guessing

    With 2004 gone
    We had to say some sad goodbyes
    To some very good players
    And even better guys

    Woody, Edgar, Matheny
    Kline and Womack
    All switched
    To other teams attack

    And so spring training
    Came to a fast close
    Out of the ashes
    A new Cardinal team rose

    The everyday eight
    Had 6 in the same places
    But the middle infielders
    Were both new faces

    David Ecksten at 5' 8"
    Was signed to play short
    Gru – stick was given
    The second base part

    At fist was the man
    That achieves what no else can
    The one and only Albert Pujols
    The best in the land

    Rolen the Brave
    The best in the league at the hot corner
    Yadier Molina was our backstop
    And struck fear into the hearts of runners

    Jimmy the Gazelle
    Still galloped in center field
    While LarryWalker
    Would be the right field Shield

    Reggie the Rock
    Would handle left pretty well
    That's when he and other's
    Weren't hurt for long spells

    Now most people
    Speak of reserves as the bench
    But the way this season went
    They were starters for a pinch

    Nunez, Mabry, Cedeno, Diaz
    Luna and So were the first spare parts
    J. Rod, Schumaker, Gall and Seibold
    Also made the depth charts

    The 5 starters by the Arch
    Were once again Armed
    With 4 right handers from last year
    And a new lefty to the storm

    Mark Mulder stood on the mound
    At 6" 5" tall
    He would give the Birds
    His all and all

    Now Carp was back
    And we could only hope
    His nerve problems were behind
    For he was needed most

    Matty Mo also had some
    Injuries to overcome
    But he healed up fast
    At season's start he was on

    Jeff Suppan had been
    A true playoff hero
    And would once again be expected
    To toss up some zero's

    Jason Marquis would be valuable
    With two different stats
    Not only would he pitch
    He'd be counted on to bat

    And know to introduce
    The Birds of Prey again
    Most of you know it
    As the Cardinal bullpen

    Izzy's the closer
    But all have roles
    Taz is our set up man
    Late inning lefty's are when Ray King throws

    Al Reyes is a fiend
    That usually has the seventh
    Flores and Pulsipher
    Are also lefty assassins

    And when he got healthy
    Eldred came back
    He and Thompson the kid
    Helped guard the prey shack

    So when the 2005 team
    Embarked on the season
    One more change should be noted
    Tony was different and for good reason

    Although last years team
    Had won 105 games and all
    Tony made a mental note
    To play more small ball

    And he came up with a phrase
    That would be repeated time after time
    This Red Bird team
    Would play a hard nine

    With that as their creed
    And this will make you smile
    9 games into the season
    We climbed to the top of the Central pile

    Conincidence, well maybe so
    But add this to that odd fact
    After nine games into the season
    There was no need to look back

    For 153 games we remained
    Alone in first place
    And some great games there were
    We ran a beautiful race.

    Exhibit A
    Was a Mark Mulder Gem
    A 10 inning complete game shut out
    Vs Clemens and the Stros Pen

    The comeback in the ninth
    You can call exhibit B
    When the birds came from 6 down
    To shock Cincy

    So the exhibits kept
    Coming and coming
    One night in the 13th
    Albert walked off instead of running

    One day Eck
    Did something amazing
    He faked a bunt then hit a home run
    All with the same swing.

    Carp became unbeatable
    For such a long stretch
    He had all the historians pouring
    Threw the records that are kept

    Albert was Albert
    Which translates too
    The best player in the game
    Played the best the whole season through

    Yes it was a great season
    But not what you thought of at the start
    The Cardinals won 100 games
    By mixing and matching those spare parts

    1 or 2 regulars out
    for extended time
    Is usually to big a hill
    For most teams to climb

    Well then 4
    Should have created an abyss
    But with our spare parts
    Not one beat did we miss

    And the losses were great
    Be assured of this
    Rolen for most of the season
    And 3 other starters were missed

    But this team never once
    Hung their heads
    They just played a hard nine
    And hung L's on the opposition instead

    Which brings me to
    My favorite game of the year
    It happened in Washington
    And the Birds showed no fear

    Mark Mulder
    was supposed to start
    But a stiff neck
    Gave Eldred that part

    3 innings later
    Thompson came in
    Taz followed him
    Then Reyes and King

    At the end of the day
    The Nationals hadn't scored
    But the spare parts
    Why they were all over the scoreboard

    In the first inning an ump
    Gave Albert an early shower
    Yet the offense found a way to score
    Without it's main source of power

    We should have known something[/size]
    Tony had Molina hitting fourth
    But he didn't act like Babe Ruth
    More like a race horse

    In the top of the sixth
    We already had one run in
    Edmonds was on third
    At first was the anti speed demon

    Even though there was one out
    And super So was at the plate
    Tony wanted that run now
    And he didn't wait

    He called a double steal
    Not an unheard of play
    But with Molina's speed
    It was the joke of the day

    So Molina breaks from first
    And goes maybe 25 feet
    As the catcher throws to second
    Jimmy moves his feet

    He slides in safely
    And now the Birds have two
    And wouldn't you know it
    Now Jimmy's hurt too.

    But the Cardinals weren't done
    4 more runs were scored
    At the end of the game
    6 – 0 said the scoreboard

    And so it went
    That's how we played
    Without fear
    Always brave

    The suicide squeeze
    Became a calling card
    True to Tony's word
    Every nine was hard

    And in the midst
    Of this season so grand
    We spent every home game
    Knowing we were losing a friend

    The lady called Busch

    Was being retired

    And those from yesteryear

    Made her send off inspired

    All the Cardinal greats

    Hero’s one and all

    Made it back to pay tribute

    And take a number off the wall

    So on to the playoffs

    With just one look in our eye

    World Series our bust

    We didn’t think we’d be denied

    First up the Padres

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      Part II - I can't get it all in one post - sorry.


      First up the Padres

      Who had won the West

      They went down in three straight

      Reggie led a slugfest


      [size="3"]In the NLCS

      We waited for the Astros

      And after winning an 18th inning game

      Into Busch they strode


      We split the first two

      Then lost two more

      And in the bottom of game 5

      We were on baseball's death's door

      But Eck fought his way on

      Then Jimmy walked

      And Albert would teach

      Us something about heart

      You see the hardest thing to kill

      Is something not afraid to die

      And when you're talking about the suicide kings

      This was certainly no lie.

      That took us to game six

      And what ranks as truly a shame

      We finally had a

      Poorly pitched game

      So out once again

      Not even as far as last year

      Yet the fans stayed

      Yet the fans cheered

      They cheered for the stadium

      [font="Times New Roman"]They cheered long and hard

      They cheered for a team

      That were the suicide Cards
      Turning the other cheek is better than burying the other body.

      Official Sport Lounge Sponsor of Rhode Island - Quincy Jones - Yadier Molina who knows no fear.
      God is stronger and the problem knows it.

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        It eventually gets better, right?


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          QUOTE(GloveSaveandaBeauty @ Oct 24 2005, 07:06 AM) Quoted post
          It eventually gets better, right? [/b][/quote]

          No - that's it -
          Turning the other cheek is better than burying the other body.

          Official Sport Lounge Sponsor of Rhode Island - Quincy Jones - Yadier Molina who knows no fear.
          God is stronger and the problem knows it.

          2017 BOTB bracket