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SHUT UP Mc Carver!!!!

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  • SHUT UP Mc Carver!!!!

    Oh, I must have been dreaming that he was droning on and on about some obvious stat.
    Make America Great For Once.

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      I harken back to an old Sports Pickle article from last year....

      Tim McCarver is a Douche Bag” Most Googled Phrase of Past Week

      Internet search engine Google announced today that “Tim McCarver is a douche bag” was the most searched-for phrase on the site for the week of October 18-24, beating out “Jessica Simpson,” “is Tim McCarver retarded,” “Britney Spears,” “how to kill Tim McCarver” and “hot teen sluts.”

      McCarver, the color commentator for FOX’s broadcasts of the ALCS and World Series, has steadily been rising up the rankings since the playoffs began early this month. But with his idiocy and incompetence on full display to the entire nation during the final games of the dramatic Yankees-Red Sox series and then the first two games of the World Series last week, “Tim McCarver is a douche bag” became the far-and-away most searched-for term.