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Stuff you might not know about Ike Turner

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  • Stuff you might not know about Ike Turner

    Who ya gonna believe----Ike or Tina? Every musician I ever talked to who had worked with him said Tina was the terrifying one.

    I worked with Ike's second wife Jeanette-------I have long had a different take on him than what is usually presented in the media.---here are some exerpts from this interview-------

    The woman was 45 or 50 years old, the woman's name was Miss Boozie. She used to put me on top of her and show me how to move. All this is in my book, man.

    DM) So the people who buy your book can learn how you had sex at six years old.

    IT) Well, today they call it child molesting. To me, I was just having fun.

    when they portrayed me in that movie as raping Tina, man, that's the biggest bunch of s--- in the world. And the next thing about it, they showed where Tina had a baby, and they led you to believe that the baby she had was mine, but it wasn't.

    DM) Really?

    IT) No, it wasn't. It belonged to the saxophone player, Raymond Hill. And that's my oldest son, Greg's real father. And then after she had the baby, they had the guy go in the room and tell her, "Hey, you got to get up and go to work." A woman just had a baby, man, how cold can you f------ be?

    I've come a long way. One year I made three-quarters of a million dollars, off the "Shoop" song with Salt-N-Pepa. I've been doing okay, man. I came out of jail with nothing. I came out of jail with $240, which is what they give you when they release you. And today I'm fine

    I started selling cigarettes, candy and coffee, and I was making $500 a day when I was in jail. In seven months I saved $13,000. That's also in my book, man