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Tortorella is PO'd

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  • Tortorella is PO'd

    delete if double

    from TSN, no i don't have video to the hit

    if the NHL is really about cracking down on this crap, Boulton will be out awhile. and i don't think this mentions ATL getting in trouble vs Toronto as well.

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    You have to register to see the video.


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      The audio was good enough.

      It was all over sportscenter.

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        i didn't even notice a video of it earlier, was just putting the story out. you have to hear Tortorella's voice on Sportscenter or whatever to really understand how pissed he is. and what i didn't realize until later was that Boulton started the scrap in Toronto as well and Melrose noted this guy only got 4 minutes of play, most of them in the final minutes of this game. No wonder Tort's ticked off, kid goes on the ice for no other reason and then later on the coach who sent him out there comes knocking on your door. [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif[/img]


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          Oh well, who really cares about Darcy Tucker.